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Are there any events where you live which would attract tourists from abroad?

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Msharymnn 19 January, 2021 - 17:25

my country has a lot of tourists without events because it is so old they want to see our legacy because our legacy is intrested we were the most powerful country in the world in the past not now

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Giovannichoi 28 May, 2020 - 13:10

In my country, South Korea, there's the famous festival in Yeouido, where the National Assembly building is placed. It's name is the Seoul Internatinal Firework Festival. Since I was young, my mother took me to watch the colorful, and beautiful fireworks. There are so many of it, with variety of colors and shapes. I'm always enchanted as I watch it. Do you want to know why it has been being called by the Seoul 'International' Firework Festival? It's because many nations participate in this festival (but its not the contest!) to develop and submit various fireworks. Its really fascinating. If someone who lives in the other country, and if they visited Korea, I bet they'll all love it. They will desire to visit here again. It always start when its the first saturday in October.(Its annual festival.) You can watch it during 13:00~22:00. Actually, 2020's festival was cancled 'cause of the COVID 19, but at least for the last year, Korea, USA, Japan, China, Austrailia, Italy, Honkong, Canada, Philiphines, Portugal, France, UK, Spain, Sweden were participated in this festival. I strongly reccomend all of you who read this comment to come to Korea and watch it. I really desire to see it, at least, -of course,- when it become the saturday in the first weak in October next year.

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