Why do bubbles pop when you touch them? This video explores the science behind bubbles and shows an experiment you can try when you're washing up!


Have you ever tried breakdancing? Watch this and impress your friends by learning how to do a cool backspin!


One of the world’s most important inventions is celebrating its 30th birthday. Read the article to find out what it is. 


Bad secrets are only bad until you tell someone. What is Maria's secret and who will help her out of a difficult situation?


Do you know why we dream? How can we interpret the meaning of our dreams? Read about dreams and what we can learn from them.


Uh-oh, this could go badly! Can you write a caption for this surprising photo?


This man seems quite happy! Can you write a funny caption for the photo?


Yusra Mardini is a Syrian swimmer who competed in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. This is her incredible story.


The world is ready to go football crazy! Which countries will do well at this year’s FIFA World Cup? And which teenage players will everybody be talking about?


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