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Hairdresser or home?

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Going to the hairdresser is something that people love or hate. Some people love going to have their hair cut and styled by someone else, with the best products and professional shampoo. Others think that it is very boring and would rather take care of their hair themselves at home.

I usually go to the hairdresser about three times a year. My hair does grow a lot but it stays in good condition for a long time. I have curly hair so when I have an appointment at the hair salon, I have my hair straightened. It looks and feels very different because I am not used to it. I never dry it straight myself because I have thick hair and it takes hours!

This week, my friend spent the afternoon using hair straighteners to transform my hair. It looked just like it does when I go to the hairdresser. This shows that you can make your hair look nice without going to the salon and without spending a lot of money. Now, supermarkets sell products to take care of your hair at home, and even to dye it a different colour. Some people even cut their hair themselves, although I would not trust myself to do it properly.

What’s the secret behind your hairstyle?


What does your hair look like? Do you like going to a hairdresser? 


hadia's picture
hadia 2 July, 2016 - 06:39

I have silky long black hair with slight shades of brown :) I don't often go to hairdresser. I really dislike them. As, I don't want my hair cut!
I have a bad past experience. When I was a kid, my mom once took me to a hairdresser. The hairdresser asked me that what type of haircut i would like to have. "Trimming, baby hair cut. and all others blah blah......." I sat on the chair to think for a while. I thought baby hair cut would be best. As baby is small so she would cut very small amount of my hair. Therefore, I answered, "Please, give me a baby cut." She was a bit surprised as to what had I just said. Because, she could clearly see that even at a very small age ( I guess 6 or 7 ) I was having very very long hair which is quite rare. She asked me again as to confirm what I just said was really what I want? I again confirmed. My mom tried to say something but again I said "No mom, I want that."
So then after a few minutes, what I saw in the mirror was really a great blunder. It was me sitting, having a baby cut. To who's meaning I really came to know very late that a baby cut means to have a cut like a baby. And then I started crying bitterly. I ran my eyes below the seat to look at my lovely long hair being already cut and gone away. It was the worst day of my life.(oops! I guess, I'm exaggerating, but NO! I felt the same at that time.)
My mother tried to make me calm and soothe but I listened to no one. The hairdresser couldn't guess out what was happening. So she try to soothe me giving a LOLLY-POP. And I, showing my bad manners, (oh, I was so so bad at that could be I so mean!!) threw the lolly-pop again. I really wanted to cut her hair too at that time. So that she can feel the same. Huh, My Mom, feeling really embarrassed , said sorry to her to which she replied, "No prob" ( as it was no big deal of meeting such kids)
My mother, throughout the way, try to make me calm. But I was crying and crying all the way long! When we reached home by Dad was reading a newspaper. He was sitting in the lawn. When he looked at me. Worried can be seen through his eyes, I ran towards him and hugged him tightly.he calmed me down and asked what happened. He said it's OK. He said that your hair will grow soon. They will be same , long and silky again. Just be happy. You still look beautiful with a baby cut. At that time, I felt a little relieved and forgot about it. After that my hair came back again after few months.
I didn't realize it wasn't a big deal. But i really made It ;-) He-he-he-he-he

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Forever_in__dream's picture
Forever_in__dream 22 May, 2016 - 16:34

I have long light brown hair. It's very thick and wavy so I always spend a lot of time on doing a hairstyle. It's annoying! I really want to have my hair cut but my parents are against this. They think that girl is beautiful when she wear long hair. Therefore, I don't go to a hairdresser very often: about twice a year. I can't say that I like go there or not, because it's a routine for me. But sometimes I like do hairstyles by myself, especially for important events, such a prom that is coming soon.....

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ameenu's picture
ameenu 14 January, 2016 - 05:07

my interest in going to a hairdresser is nothing. so, normally i lonely cut my hair according to my mums advice. my hair is brown and i love to put french plat normally.
cool :-)

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Mataco's picture
Mataco 15 September, 2015 - 02:52

I have long brown wavy hair. I don't go to hairdesser because I think is unnecessary, my aunt cuts my hair.

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nefesh97's picture
nefesh97 27 August, 2015 - 21:38

I have short wavy brown hair . I don't go at the hairdresser, it is boring. I can cut myself. I like my hair style. I usually wash my hair in the morning.

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Malena17's picture
Malena17 27 August, 2015 - 02:47

My hair is dark, long and curly...but it has style! I never go to hairdresser, I don't like it!

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Lewans's picture
Lewans 13 January, 2015 - 18:43

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megansim510's picture
megansim510 9 January, 2015 - 09:35

My fringe was the only part that I used to cut. Nowadays, I have long hair, so it's always a good idea to have it trimmed off at the hairdresser's. I've got a straightener, too. Believe me or not, I'm too busy to do my hair. Mostly, I wash my hair in the morning and go out. (Yes, with my wet hair.)

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WhiteRabbit's picture
WhiteRabbit 25 April, 2014 - 13:37

I have long straight black hair and it grows very quick. I wash my hair regularly and I usually stay at home the whole afternoon after I wash it. Because it will look very shiny and black if I don't use the machine. I don't like to go to a hairdresser, they don't know how to deal with my hair and always make me feel strange after cutting it. I like long hair, I can change my hair style every day^^

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sdkt's picture
sdkt 22 March, 2014 - 20:49

ı love my hairstyle. dont ask me why? ı have black and wave hair. so that , ı can not my hair extend (my hair doesnt grow).ı rather take care my hair at the house by myself. ı m going to hairdresser only once a month
to make my hair cut.after that ı use shompoo at my house.

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beyourself15rock's picture
beyourself15rock 21 March, 2014 - 21:34

My hair is weird. Something between curly and straight.I don't know. It has started to curl at the age of 13.I would like you to give me advice :D
I don't like going to hairdresser very much, just when I have to.

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EleanorC's picture
EleanorC 28 March, 2014 - 17:45

My hair is just curly at the ends :) Sometimes it can be difficult to control but I can give you some advice. You could try different kinds of shampoo until you find the right one for your hair. You could also ask someone to help you dry your hair until it is very straight, or make it curlier . In the end, your hair is part of who you are: enjoy experimenting with it!

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misscurious's picture
misscurious 20 March, 2014 - 16:32

I have short wavy brown hair. Two months ago, I had long hair but now I am happy with my nww style. I dont usually go to hairdresser too. But in my country, hairdressers are not as expensive as Mexico.

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serap's picture
serap 18 March, 2014 - 16:05

I have brown and straight hair. They are short so I can give shape them or I don't sometimes need to give shape. I'd usually prefer my hair to stay in its own shape and I do not like going to a hairdresser.

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Harabeli Supersweet's picture
Harabeli Supersweet 18 March, 2014 - 14:24

I have black hair. They're long, but their shape changes on its own. Sometimes it's straight, sometimes I have curls. I don't like to go to the hairdresser. I take care of them by myself. I like to make braids and other hairstyles that I learn online.

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MALINE's picture
MALINE 17 March, 2014 - 21:49

I have wavy hair, I don´t like it very much because when I make a pony tail I always have to put some mousse on my hair and when I let my hair loose it is always static.
I have my hair cut four times a year, I´ve never cut it by myself,I think doing it by oneself you can save a lot of money because going to the hair dresser can be really expensive.
Here in México get your hair cut can cost you $50 that´s a lot considering minium wage is $62.

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Niluh's picture
Niluh 17 March, 2014 - 13:35

I have curly hair too and my hair is also dry, however i never make my hair straighten or going to salon very often to transform my "ugly hair" into the beautiful one, i take care of my hair at home by using shampoo, hair mask and cut it regularly.

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