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I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

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Currently it does not feel like Christmas is two weeks away because the sun is shining. Normally around this time of year, one is used to getting snuggled up and cosying up in front of the fire. But who am I to complain, not having to make sure to bundle up in a big jacket with all the winter essentials to match in December?

However, besides the clothing and chilliness that comes along with winter, the heartwarming feeling of Christmas is missing. Isn't this what everyone looks forward to? Not only does the weather have an effect on what to wear, but also on how you feel. Ironically enough, wintertime usually brings a warm feeling when surrounded by snow and loved ones whilst wrapped up in comfy clothes. At least for me it does, and this is when I know Christmas has arrived.

Yet, I am still to experience the true Christmas feeling for now, as every day offers moderate temperatures and blue skies. Of course, it is not the worst way to spend the month leading up to festivities, but it also makes you wonder how it is that time of year without the weather to prove it so. I await a white Christmas when I go home and then I will feel Christmassy. 


What makes you feel Christmassy? 


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Andrii 27 April, 2020 - 17:18

Last year, in 2019, there was also no snow in my country. I think even not only in my country. So it wasn't snowy. I would be more Christmassy, if there was only one inch of snow. There were some snowfalls but only once a week and the snow quickly melted, only in a few hours:(. So I hope the next Christmas will be snowy and I'll feel Christmassy.

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Ran 14 December, 2016 - 14:48

Yeah, I love winter and Christmas because the cold makes me feel warm when I'm close to my family and my friend. I'm not alone hahaha. Besides, the more I feel happy now, the more anxious I have.One day, I will live alone far away from my family to grow up and experience new things. What would my winter be without my important persons? :)

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GraceBlogger 19 December, 2016 - 11:30

I also think winter and christmas isn't the same without the important people in your life! It's funny how the cold makes us feel warm due to being surrounded by loved ones. I am sure you will be ok going away, anywhere at this time of year brings peace and love.

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