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Post-Christmas blues

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The turkey is long gone, presents unwrapped and the only bit of food left is the unwanted Christmas cake you spent so long making, or so much money buying. New Year has been and gone and you find yourself in 2017, struggling to keep your New Year’s resolutions and, worst of all, you’re back at work or school: cue the post-Christmas blues. 

I think this year the post-Christmas blues are worse for me, as I’ve had to say goodbye to my family and my boyfriend and return to Spain. It’s difficult to readjust, because you need to get used to being away from home all over again and having work to do! So, here are a few ways to help you adjust:

Firstly, be positive! It’s not that bad, really. Think of all the good things in your life and try to keep them in your mind when you’re feeling tired or fed up. Listen to feel-good music and watch films which make you happy. Don’t let negative thoughts into your mind!

Secondly, be busy and keep active! I love cycling and find that cycling to and from work is my time to myself, to think and, most importantly, to keep fit! I find that I feel worse when I’m tired and bored and haven’t done any exercise, so I always write a to-do list, with lots of things that I need to do during the day. This means that I’m really organised too!

Next, have things to look forward to! I’m really excited to be going skiing with one of my friends this weekend. I’ve booked my next trip home, to see my boyfriend, so I’ve got that to look forward to and I’m also spending time planning my lessons for my students, so the classes are well prepared, fun and interesting for everyone.

Also, see everything as a challenge that you’re going to overcome one way or another. I often find that my students don’t want to work, but rather than get stressed about it, I’ve decided to relax and try and encourage them with interactive activities that they will find more fun than writing!

And finally, enjoy your Christmas presents and make time for yourself to do what you want … and good luck with your New Year’s resolutions!


Are you suffering from the post-holidays blues? What do you do to keep happy?


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Elsa007 25 January, 2017 - 10:08

Hi Ellen,

I'm afraid I've never experienced post-holiday blues......sorry.
I think I can imagine that, but I'm not really sure what the feeling looks like...
Usually I'm so busy during Christmas holiday and New Year's holiday that I got relief from the end of the market hype for the holiday and feel relaxed to get back to a normal routine! =3
I write a to-do list as well which is not a plan but a duty that I can't miss..... OMG! =3

What do I do to keep happy?
Well, it's a very difficult question, because most of the time, I'm happy :)))
Do you want to be happy? Please visit me!


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