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Volunteering in a charity shop

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I’ve been a volunteer since April 2013. I was looking to do something that I could be proud of myself for, something that would help me as well as help other people. I decided that I’d get into contact with some local charity shops and I currently volunteer in a local Sue Ryder Charity shop. Although at the time I didn’t mind where I volunteered, I am glad that it was the Sue Ryder shops which contacted me because Sue Ryder is a charity very close to my heart for many reasons, one of which being that my Dad was cared for in a hospice supported by Sue Ryder.

Volunteering in the shop has certainly provided me with a strong insight into what shop work is like and I was surprised to find how much I really enjoy doing it. One of my main worries was using a till, but I had till training and I was amazed at how quickly I picked it up. Now, I work the till on my own every Friday morning and it’s usually one of the busiest times of the week.

Not only have I learnt about how a charity shop works, I’ve found it intriguing to realise how important the public are in helping by donating the items they no longer use in order for the shops to sell and, in the case of Sue Ryder, raise money to provide care for people with life-changing illnesses. I always leave the charity shop after my shifts feeling as though I’ve done something good for someone somewhere and that’s a very rewarding feeling, especially because I know how important the work of Sue Ryder is for people.

Another thing I enjoy about volunteering is interacting with the other volunteers in the shops as well as the managers and assistant managers who are incredibly friendly and helpful. I have certainly improved my teamwork skills by volunteering. I admire also how kind the customers are towards the volunteers, it brings the customers and the volunteers closer together.

 Overall, my volunteering experiences are so positive. It’s equipped me with the experience of working in a retail environment as well as developed my skills which I’m sure will be useful in the future. 


In the UK there are lots of 'charity shops' in every town and city. They sell second-hand clothes and other things to raise money for charity. Are there any charity shops in your country?  


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NATALYY 9 June, 2015 - 08:05

Yes!Fortunately there are many charity shops in my country.Even in my school(ex school) exist one.We had a mentor(professore)and she was telling us about "Red Cross"(is that hoe you say in UK?)while we donated money for the children.

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Jonathan - Coor... 9 June, 2015 - 10:26

Hi! It was kind of you to donate for the children. Well done and I'm sure it was appreciated. Yes, that's exactly how you say it in English. :)
Jonathan (LearnEnglish Teens Team)

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Lavender 26 September, 2013 - 18:02

Saba....You and me and Ellen had a interesting conversation in the article Happily Ever After remember?
You and me both like Selena Gomez...:)

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Jo - Coordinator 21 September, 2013 - 11:11

Hi Saba,
Do you mean no one on the site is talking directly to you? At LearnEnglish Teens we have been enjoying your comments so please don't stop writing. Why don't you try finding someone on the site who sounds interesting and ask them about themselves or their opinions to start a conversation? 
Best wishes,
Joanna (LearnEnglish Teens team)

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mpampoll 24 August, 2013 - 12:31

unfortunately in my country,greece there aren't shops like this...........It happens as people here don't have enough money for themselves not to donate what they already have....and do you know sth?all this that they say that greek people are lazy is a complete lie...........because here all the people work too hard so as to be able to preserve their own family..............

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AHMED_K 14 August, 2013 - 19:36

I don't know. i didn't see one before. i think if there are charity shops here in UAE,they won't be alot at all, because most second-hand clothes are already given directly to poor people, so no need to charity shops.

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Bosnianchild 4 August, 2013 - 16:09

There are lot of second-hand shops in Bosnia and Herezgovina,but unfortunatly there are not any those charity ones.

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MALINE 3 August, 2013 - 22:39

There aren´t any charity shops in México, you can give clothes or basic medicines to churches,they collect clothes and different articles to help people and they´re free.

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SARAH K 2 August, 2013 - 12:24

No, I haven't heard for any charity shop in Albania. But two years ago, many rich, famous or important women of the society opened a charity shop for a period 2-3 months. They donate to the shop many of their clothes (especially first clas clothes) and they sell them in this shop with 20%-25% of their real price. All the money they collected from the shop they donate to the society for the violated women

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ellen 31 July, 2013 - 13:17

I don't know any shops like this in my country ~ Charity shops~.
I want to open a ~ charity shops ~in the future.
i think this shops very helpful for people.

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Jona 28 July, 2013 - 18:55

In my country there are no charity shops and this is kind of sad.But l always donate clothes that I don't use anymore.This makes happy because l feel like l am doing something to help people and children
less fortunate then me.It might a good idea to open a charity shop here in Albania because there's so mush to do...

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Lavender 27 July, 2013 - 11:26

I don't know any shops like this in my country, I guess there are few. But we also have other ways to do with secondhand clothes to help people. There are groups collecting second hand clothes or blankets and old books, textbooks etc from volunteers. Then they will go to places where the poor or ethnic minorities dwell together to give what they get to them. Almost these groups are managed by young people or monks.
I donated once, they were my clothes which I wasn't fit any more because I grew up a bit. Now whenever I imagine the happy face of the kids wearing my clothes (whom I never know) I feel happy too :)

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EmilyM 28 July, 2013 - 12:15

hello Lavender :-) thank you for that lovely comment. in the UK, charity shops rely on people donating their unused stuff so that it can be sold to help raise money. I really love being a part of that, it gives me enormous confidence & pride... I'm glad you helped people too! :-D

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Lavender's picture
Lavender 29 July, 2013 - 11:31

Thank you Emily. You are so lovely. I hope you will you share more about your life in England in the future :)

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