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Life without Wi-Fi

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Wi-Fi: a word which has its own little brother in the form of a complicated password which, no matter how hard you try, you can never guess. A word which is so often stuck to the inside of windows in cafes and bars as an extra way of tempting customers inside. Even on public transport and in shopping centres, it’s becoming more common. Last summer, I spent four months working in France, where the company I was working for put me up in a house which didn’t have Wi-Fi. I wasn’t looking forward to it.

I soon discovered, however, that living in a house without Wi-Fi, was easier than I expected.

Contact between my friends and family was significantly reduced to the odd text message here and there. I couldn’t enjoy my usual web browsing on BBC iPlayer, social media sites, keeping up to date with the news, or even wanting to know the opening hours of shops in the new area I was in.

I didn’t, however, spend a full four months without connecting to a Wi-Fi network. It was only a five minute walk to the reception where I could connect for free and spend as much time online as I wanted to at my own leisure. It made me think, though, how unnecessary it can be, how unnecessarily we rely on it – how we perhaps over rely on it. As a person, I was more sociable. I spent more time with my housemates instead of hiding behind a computer screen. I did other things that I wouldn’t necessarily have done if I could have browsed the web at my leisure. I read more, I cooked meals for my friends, and I even tidied up more often. Dare I say it; I learned how to live without Wi-Fi. Dare I say it; I found it was easier than I had imagined.

My experience this summer made me reflect on how much we do use Wi-Fi.

It’s possible not to be so dependent on it though. Try it and see. 


Are there many places in your town or city where there is free Wi-Fi? 


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Kate2002 20 May, 2017 - 15:02

In my city very few free Wi-Fi zones, but people always online. Somebody know passwords, other have their own Internet.

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TdimitrisGR 15 March, 2015 - 09:18

In kavala we have many free Wi-Fi spots like in caffes so we can connect any time we want

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patchyplum 10 February, 2015 - 14:03

Well,it's really funny to say and quite humiliating coz in my country we had our presidential election last month.The opposing candidate was Mr.Sirisena who attracted most of the minority races in Sril;anka by a 100-day plan which,eventually produced amendments after he of his major promises was to locate free Wi-Fi zones allover the island.Well,the thing is there's not even a sign of Wi-Fi for the present as they're struggling to make believe their promises.However,even I am waiting till we get this opportunity as most teenagers and youth generation do....

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ChocolateFlake26 16 January, 2015 - 17:47

There are a few places in my city where the wi-if is free but it's only in certain places so I have to move a lot.

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Bosnianchild 21 December, 2014 - 15:18

Interesting article. Yes, I'm 16 years old and I'm like other teenagers in my school, but I don't have Wi-Fi in my house. When I say that everyone look me like ''Whaaaaaaaaaat''. My mum thinks that Wi-Fi has more disadvantages than advantages. She thinks that my grades will be worse and I'll spend too much time on my mobile. I have my computer, it's easier, and I can have everything what I want. So I think that if you don't have Wi-Fi, it's better for you.

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sararosita 21 December, 2014 - 13:07

I totally agree with you Wi-fi is an exemple of the technologie that we misuse ,nowadays most of people use wifi and other technology tools to communicate with other people sometimes that they don't know , to entertain ..etc so they spend most of their time alone , far from the society , it's like they are not satisfied in the real world so they escpae from the real world to the" fake" one , while in the reality the best moment of your life are those you spend near your family your friends your children ..etc I think that wifi is something that we can live without it but it will be diffucult in the begining to get rid of it

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Anastazia's picture
Anastazia 4 December, 2014 - 17:56

It's a very useful article. But you know, it's quiet hard to live without Wi-Fi, especially when you study and try to find some information.

Also, I want to ask if it possible to post my own article . ???

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Jo - Coordinator's picture
Jo - Coordinator 5 December, 2014 - 08:39

Hi Anastazia,
Thanks a lot for your comment and suggestion. We would like to have a section for user generated content in the future and we are considering how this will work. It's great to know that people are interested, so thanks! In the meantime, writing comments is a great way to practise writing while chatting with other users and debating topical issues. I'm looking forward to reading more from you! :)
Best wishes,

(LearnEnglish Teens team)

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