Would you like to change your hairstyle? In her latest vlog, Sophia and her friend Natasha share their experience.


Have you ever made a big change to your appearance?


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Andrii 29 October, 2021 - 20:56

I haven't made any big changes to my apperarence, but i'd like to dye my hair white (I have brown hair).

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Kostantinus 23 March, 2021 - 08:09

I am not going to cut off my hair again)) One time of that experience was enough for me. Let me tell you how I reached that decision. One day I came to a barbershop and asked the hairdresser to make exact hairstyle which I've saw in a magazine. The hairdresser told me it was impossible, because I used to brush my hair in one particular way what isn't fit to that haistyle I wanted. So I've decieded to cut off all my hair and become bold for a while. That was funny and people around didn't understand why I did that. It was an interesting challenge for me. By the way, after I became a bold boy I started raising my hair untill it was very long and people called me Tarzan. I had that hairstyle a few years, was full of it and changed my hairstyle to short fashion length that I have now.

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