Life around the world

I was lucky enough to take a short trip to Warsaw, the capital of Poland, a few days ago and it was such a great city to visit.


It is the end of the school holidays where I am posted as a language assistant in France.

Life around the world

I have just returned from a weekend away with my friends and on the journey back home I took some time to reflect back on the past couple of months since I arrived in France in September.

Life around the world

I have just arrived back in France after a short trip to England to spend a few days with my family and to meet my niece Elsie who was born a few weeks (she is tiny and adorable).


I have just finished reading a really good book called Juliet written by the American author Anne Fortier.


I have recently returned to work after two weeks off for the Christmas break.

Life around the world

It is nearing the end of my first term working as an English Language Assistant in primary schools in France.

Life around the world

Some of my friends and I have just returned from a weekend in Paris.

Life around the world

I thought I would share with you a British tradition ... afternoon tea. An afternoon tea is glorious in all senses.


During the summer holidays when I was getting ready to move to France, I was very excited as it meant that I had the opportunity to buy some new clothes and change my fashion a bit.



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