Summer has officially arrived in the UK, and with that means Wimbledon has now hit our screens.

Life around the world

As Audrey Hepburn once said “Paris is always a good idea”, and from having lived just outside this city the past year I must say I completely agree.

Life around the world

When people ask me what’s my favourite season, I always say I love both summer and winter equally as they’re both completely different seasons; I always love the idea of sitting in front of a warm


Like many people from the UK, I am now home for the festive season, and if there’s one thing I’ve realised being home, television at Christmas is just as important as sharing the day with the peopl

Science and technology

Back in England the launch of the Christmas adverts seem to signal the start of the Christmas period; from then it’s viewed as acceptable to start Christmas shopping, watching Christmas films and j

Life around the world

At some point in all our lives I think we all experience homesickness; whether it’s moving away to university, travelling or moving abroad to work or study.

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