Reading is a wonderful way to escape the real world, and a cheap way to forget about your troubles. Here in Colombia, though, it seems that very few people read for pleasure on a regular basis.

Science and technology

This question is something that often seems to be talked about among friends.

Life around the world

My latest challenge is to learn German, and, being in Colombia, I am going to have to learn German (one foreign language) in Spanish (another foreign language). What can go wrong?


I am really not a sporty person. I have never enjoyed playing, watching or even reading about sports.

Life around the world

Here in the south of Colombia the city of Pasto, has just finished celebrating “el Carnaval de Negros y Blancos” – the “Black and White Carnival”.

Life around the world

There are stereotypes about every nation and every continent in the world: They say that Mexicans are lazy, Germans are punctual and British people are forever talking about the weather. 

Science and technology

As many of us carry our cameras or phones almost constantly, one particular style of picture is becoming ever more ubiquitous: the selfie, a photo that you take of yourself.


TED is a set of conferences, held in various cities around the world every year.  With various speakers - also from various parts of the globe - all the speeches are uploaded to their website, for

Life around the world

“Christmas comes but once a year”, they say.  It seems more often than that, mind you, with Christmas decorations appearing in shops at least a couple months before the holiday season begins.


Sport and, more specifically, football has an awesome power to unite people from all sorts of cultural backgrounds and nowhere is this more true than in my favourite continent of them all, Latin Am



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