Life around the world

Living beside an active volcano means that tremors and small earthquakes are not unusual.  Everybody here knows what they feel like, and they come as no surprise to the locals.  For me, though, it


Everyone was shocked when I said I was moving to Colombia, away on another continent.  Everyone except for my literature-loving friends: “Perfect,” they said, “An excuse to read ‘One Hundred Years

Life around the world

In the UK, my shoe size is around ten, or a 45 in Latin America, which is where I currently find myself desperately looking for a pair of trainers.  I never thought such a simple task would turn ou


I saw “Monsters Inc.” in the cinema when it came out and loved it.  I was desperate to see the prequel, “Monsters University” but, when it was in the cinema, I was getting ready to leave for Colom



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