There's a current fashion trend for pinafores and dungaree dresses going on at the moment. Walking around the shops I've seen them everywhere in all sorts of styles and colours.


When I was visiting Australia a few weeks ago, I knew I couldn't leave the surf capital of the world without giving it a go myself.

Life around the world

Australia was always a country I wanted to visit so I saved up some money and booked a flight to go travelling up the East Coast at the end of my work placement in France.

Life around the world

The other day I was talking to an American friend about how I wanted to make flapjacks.

Life around the world

I'm really enjoying life in a foreign country, however there is always the odd home comfort I really miss (usually food).

Life around the world

I've always loved snow. I grew up in the south of England where it never snowed very often so when it did it was always very exciting!

Science and technology

As part of the 'Facebook generation', we have grown up in a world where access to the internet is constantly at our fingertips and we're able to connect with people at the touch of a button.


This week I decided to bake chocolate chip cookies to surprise my flatmate as she is studying for her exams at the moment.

Life around the world

I'm really looking forward to going home to England soon for the Christmas holidays. Christmas is fast approaching so I have been busy buying and wrapping presents for all my friends and family.


I was invited round to a friend’s house for a ‘pot-luck’ dinner the other night. I’d never heard of this term before but my American friends use it all the time.



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