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The selfie experience

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Wherever you are in the world there is one word which can be found in any language, no matter what country you are in, and has increasingly become very popular; that word is selfie. Over the past year selfies have become a global obsession with very important political leaders such as Barrack Obama, David Cameron and Helle Thorning-Schmidt taking a selfie together to famous celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep and Brad Pitt coming together in Ellen Degeneres’ selfie to create the most 'A-List' selfie possible. Now we can buy a ‘selfie stick’ so that we can take the photo from the best possible angle and get as many people as we can into the photo.

I live and work in Barcelona and, like any cosmopolitan European city, it has a mixture of people from all over the world, whether residents or tourists, and this means it has its fair share of ‘selfie-takers’! Day to day I see many different selfies and have witnessed different ‘types’ of selfies. Therefore, here is a list of different types of selfies: 

5. The ‘this-is-my-thousandth-selfie-of-the-day’ selfie
A truly dedicated ‘selfie-taker’ who takes so many selfies every day that they have a practised facial expression for nearly every social situation.

4. The ‘embarrassing parent’ selfie
In this selfie the parents manage to persuade their children to take a family selfie, often thinking they are very hip and modern in doing so, whilst the children try to keep smiling!

3. The over-enthusiastic selfie
Often taken in mundane moments this selfie makes any situation look fun.

2. The ‘sly selfie’
Often taken in public spaces this selfie is a big achievement.

1. The ‘selfie stick’ selfie
This signifies true dedication as the owner is so determined to ensure the best selfie possible that they buy a gadget to help themselves (although perhaps it looks slightly strange in public).


What do you think about selfies? Do you think it is a fun way to enjoy and remember experiences or do you think it distracts people from enjoying things in the moment?