Reading exams

Reading exams


This section gives you  help and advice for all types of reading tests and exams. We explain what you can do before a reading exam and during the exam to get top marks.

This section offers you lots of advice for reading exams and tests. Read the advice and do the exercises in this section so you are really well prepared for the next time you have a reading exam. Remember that the best way to improve your reading is to read as much as possible. Reading web pages, magazines, comics, graphic novels or song lyrics is all good practice.

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How do you feel about reading exams? Have you had any problems or difficulties when reading? Tell us about your experiences.


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Hi mari@ch tunisia,
That's great! It sounds like your reading is improving already. Keep up the good work and please write comments on the stories and articles you read in the Improve your reading section. We would like to know which ones you enjoy most. 
Best wishes, Jo (LearnEnglish Teens Team) 

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Well, I think that my problem in reading is I tend to translate English into my native language. And this really takes my time!
I know it'll be better if I think about the context of the reading in English, but when I work with the reading in my language, it seems to be easier and I can get the meaning more quickly. I don't know what I should do to stop doing that... :)

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Hi Iced Milk Coffee,
From your comment I can see you have a very good level of English. :) I think translating in your head is natural when you're learning a language, but the more you read and practise, the easier it will be to read in English without translating everything into your language. Read as much as you can, and soon it will become natural to read without translating. Good luck!
Jo (LearnEnglish Teens Team)

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Excellent, niky_02nqn  sometimes learning words by yourself is the best way to remember new words, Do you have any tips to help others learn words by themselves?  

My students make a list of new words and their meaning in their notebooks. Then they review these words every Sunday!

Simon (LearnEnglish Teens Team)


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At my school,we also make a list oof words and then we translate them,it`s very easy than,but i like learning words by diffrent way.I love Justin Bieber and all teen stArs so i learn a lot of words thanks to music and movies are a help to :D

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niky_02nqn's picture

Hello there! I'm so sorry! I haven't seen your answer!
Well, my best way to remember new words is writting, drawing, and listening them! That's it!
Best wishes and so sorry again!
Thank u so much for feedback!!! :)

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ona's picture

Hi niky 02nqn I m from Albania, Albania say helo to argenrina I speak very good spanish but we have to learn english don t you think.Anyway I have to say that I speak spanish but I can t write ,so (un plaser a conoserte<3)

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well,,,not always,,but sometimes I didn't know words and my teacher didn't teach me what they meant!!!!!
so,, I´ll learn for myself!

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hey niky_02nqn
I totally agree with you sometimes it's hard especially when your teacher doesn't explain it this happened to me too... and i hate it... :) <3

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