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How serious a problem is bullying where you live? What can be done to stop bullying in schools?


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sssaleh 21 July, 2015 - 17:09

Afriend of mine have been bullied . Obviously this problem affected his performance in school and they was hate go to school.
there some teachers dont deal strictly with bulling so it get more and more.

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AnaB 13 June, 2014 - 17:00

I still haven't notices bullying in my school or around.
As first we have to respect ourselves. We all get mean words, even and we use it. Sometimes that is a joke, but other don't feel those words like we do.
Usually, people who are bullying make suicide. Many of them do it because they think that none understands them. Unfortunately, that is true. In my opinion if someone is bullied, that person should go to some psychiatrist. Also, there is some families who don't have money. If you don't have you can go somewhere and find some strange person and talk to the person. It's easier to talk about your problems to some stranger, than to talk to someone you know and doesn't care about it.
If I was bullied I'd what I just said. :)

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Niluh 27 March, 2014 - 15:32

Bullying is also common at my school, some of my friends have been bullied. For example, my friend at school told me that she has been bullied when she was in elementary school, all of her friends used to get rid of her and say bad words to her, during the school she never had any friend.
Bullying is a serious problem, really serious! I do agree that teachers have important contribution to stop bullying, unfortunately only a few teachers are aware.

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