This song was created by members of GMCBeats rap workshops and Webwise Ireland to celebrate Safer Internet Day. Online safety is really important for everyone who uses the internet so listen to the song and do the exercises to make sure you stay safe online. 

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What did you think of this song? Do you think songs are a good way to share messages about online safety? 


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Magh 22 June, 2016 - 12:11

In my opinion, this is a very good song because it shares a good message for the people who go through cyberbullying. It can be a support; it says that they are not alone. I am not sure if this is the best way to send or show this message, but It can be helpful

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IvanCafaro 22 June, 2016 - 02:00

It's a really good song, it has a strong message for people who is victim of cyberbullying and for people who makes that bullying. I don´t know if making songs is the best option to generate conciencie about the topic. But nowadays, it's a very interesting way for childrens, because our generation is always online. I think that most childrens like watching videos and transmitting ideas by this channels is easy and interactive.

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lt 22 June, 2016 - 01:31

I think that is a really good song because it's talking about a real problem from the present. Nowadays there are a lot of conflicts in the social networks especially the cyberbulling. In my opinion the lyrics of the song is good and it's a good way to share a message but i'm not sure if this really help somebody because most people don't pay attention about this types of videos or to the lyrics of the song.

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Joacof22 22 June, 2016 - 01:25

This song is interesting. I've never seen that kids lead the way to make other kids consent of CyberBullying and how to act in that case. And this is a good way to share, becouse I think that kids will listen the warnings of other kids more than the warnings of adults.

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AngeFumagalli 21 June, 2016 - 21:23

I think that the song is a very good way to show people that everyone, in any situation, can do something.
I think it is very useful to show all problems on the Internet, to all the public especially teenagers, and how to be resolved. And also show all the problems in a very entertaining and good shape.

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melibasso 21 June, 2016 - 01:24

I think this song is funny and great because it has a really good message for victims of cyberbullying and it's good to prevent the cyberbullying. It contains ideas that help you to be safe. I think that songs are the best way to share messages about online safety or about any topic because they're a good idea, for me, to get a message across.

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adrianmg 24 May, 2016 - 17:22

beautiful this video talk of the iinternet and dont
the music video is great , personally it is a very good letter and convinacion of the music is good and more when they talk about the internet , status and not beyond fear and do not like what we like. very good video

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Victoria98 11 May, 2016 - 19:05

I think the song is good for children, adolescents and adults because talk that the Internet can help you to work easily, you can have fun , but also bad because there are many malicious people , and because the Internet should be used with care.

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Magiemari 27 April, 2016 - 03:42

Fairly catchy and easy to understand, it gives a very clear and simple message to those who hear it to spread awareness of taking care online with various forms of avoiding trouble with people with malicious intentions.

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mario123 27 April, 2016 - 03:37

well i think this song is very cool because said the daily problems in schools and this is very bad because the children ,teens and everyone are victimis of bully, and with this song the people that feel bad or sad can expressed they emotions, feelings and other thinks, and my opinio i don like the bully or trolls. and for last the song is cool i like it

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YellowDuck54 27 April, 2016 - 03:32

I think its a nice song its simply, but the message its important because many people, the most children, when a bully insult a person in the internet they offended and this song just say than you have to block him.
A cool song¡¡

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barbiedoll10 10 April, 2016 - 12:16

Nowadays, song represent very important thing to teenagers so its a good way to send a message. The song is great, lyrics are really helpful for victims of cyberbullying and the voices of these kids are nice :)
Overall impression, AWESOME :)

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patchyplum 11 February, 2016 - 08:37

the song's great..thumbsup!!yet they only talk about Cyber bullying which is not much happening well i our society........Addiction is the greatest headache of social apps though they are oe of the most creative and ongoing idea essetial for man today.really have no idea wat net...phewww

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rivolu 10 February, 2016 - 07:17

Great song! Cyberbullying is one of the greatest problem teens have nowadays, so I'd like to ask my teacher to use this song to start a discussion in class. Thank you so much!

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Muslimgirl65 12 January, 2016 - 21:19

I think this song is very sensible! And yes I think, song is good way to share messages. Unfortunately people -most of them- dont use the net to good things.:(

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