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What things stop you from working? What can you do to study better?


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Clara 10 February, 2019 - 16:27

I guess that If I want to study : 1.I should avoid from loud sounds;
2.I should find a quiet place;
3.I shouldn't listen to music.

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UkrainianNataliia 10 January, 2019 - 15:10

My mom or dad speaking to me distract me most of all. I also can't relax and concentrate on work when I have some other very important work to do. So, if I have cleaned my room (my mom asked me in the morning), then I can focus and study attentively.

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MartaLTV 10 January, 2019 - 15:06

1. Things that stop me from working are my phone and people walking or talking in the room
2. To study better I can turn off my phone and shut the door

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EllieForeman's picture
EllieForeman 29 December, 2018 - 23:47

I just to check my Social medias is a total distrator for me! When I really want to put attention in what I am doing I use to put everything off and I start to study :)

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maingan 21 November, 2018 - 11:26

I often waste time when I study. I try to stop it. I turn off my phone, log out facebook but I still listen to music while I am study because it helps me focus.

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stranick2018 12 September, 2018 - 12:37

I'm worried about my studies. My pet diverts my attention from study. I get distracted by music and computer games or TV. My mobile phone prevents me from concentrating on my lessons. My friends draw my attention away from my reading. I can’t refuse my brother for help him. My brother asks me to play with him. My stomach is making me go into the kitchen and eat. I also managed to solve these problems and I will share my tips:
1. First of all you need to turn off your music and mobile phone.
2. Second, you should to have an apple and water because our study studies exhaust us.
3. Take the pet out of the room.
4. You have a clean room, well because you will feel good and easy to focus But! If you don't have a clean room you will feel uncomfortable and focus on your studies will be harder.
5. There is my last advice. You must have desire to study. When you want to learn, it will be easier for you to understand and learn any of the subjects. This will help you a lot in learning and performing various actions.

Thank you for reading my post, I hope that I could help you! Learn well! Good Luck!

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khanhlinh92004 19 July, 2018 - 09:23

If I love studying at that time, I will concentrate to study. Nothing can prevent us from studying.

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bilko 24 January, 2018 - 10:59

When my mom doesn't allow me to go outside during my friends playing, ı can't concentrate my lessons :(

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Elsa007 10 November, 2017 - 23:50

Whenever I get stressed out, you know, I can’t work. As a matter of fact, alI I can do is to sleep...zzzzz

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Nikolay 10 November, 2017 - 06:49

In my opinion It's a mobile phone, music, pet, baby)))) For a better study I usually go to empty room, close the door and start learning.

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MyStudyCoachJonas's picture
MyStudyCoachJonas 26 June, 2017 - 23:09

In my opinion I think that you need to decide for yourself that you don´t get distracted and that you can listen music.

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aigle 12 June, 2017 - 17:50

when my mother wants me to help her, and when my sister arrives at home I can't do my work. So I listen to music or I walk in my room when I want to concentrate on my work.

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daniel91815 13 April, 2017 - 12:40

i can't study with music, and have the cellphone turn on, so always i'm going to turn it off and study better

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mikiihwang 27 February, 2017 - 15:35

I can stop working because of my laziness, the noise around me, the tiredness and the sleepiness.
To study better, I think should pay more attention when the teachers are teaching the lessons, be more hard-working to do many exercises and practice the theory I learnt into real life.

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shahzaman 4 February, 2017 - 05:09

its good tips for concentrate on studies or do well study.
one more most tip is ,some mantel expert if you do not get break after every 45 minutes then you will not concerntrate or do well study.its good to take break after every 45 minutes

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TurkishLawyer's picture
TurkishLawyer 15 January, 2017 - 17:54

I cant concerate study at home because there is a fridge that is full with foods and ı cant stop eating in no way. Also, when ı got bored ı turn on the computer and ı dont know how the time flows like a river (it is a Turkish proverb to say time has gone so fast :) ). So I go national library. There is no fridge and there are only limited computers(1 hour time limit for only using about study but not for game or leisure time) :)

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