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5 reasons why I wish we celebrated Thanksgiving in the UK

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Ellen Baston

Last Thursday, America celebrated Thanksgiving, a festival that dates back to 1621, according to Wikipedia. It all began when the Pilgrims enjoyed a bumper harvest and even today a laden table is central to the festivities. On the fourth Thursday of November each year, Americans travel home and gather together to eat, watch TV and give thanks. As a Brit, I could only watch from afar as this gratitude overtook Twitter and Facebook. When I lived in France, my American friends cooked us a feast and we all got to partake in this special holiday. So I’ve been thinking, I wish we celebrated Thanksgiving in the UK and here are my reasons why it’s a great idea…

1. Twice the turkey! We all love roast turkey with all the trimmings; it seems a shame to only enjoy it once a year. Plus, I think the chickens would thank us!

2. There are no presents. Although it’s great to give and receive, wouldn’t it be nice to simply spend time with our families without any of the stress of gifts? No unwanted socks or itchy jumpers to return and no tricky aunt to buy for – perfect!

3. It makes it easier to divide your time between two families – one for Thanksgiving, one for Christmas. This could mean the end of those tense negotiations and having to wait a year to spend the holiday with your favourite cousin. Instead, you get the chance to celebrate with everyone, all within about a month!

4. It’s all about being thankful. It seems almost impossible to avoid the stress and commercialisation of Christmas, but apart from a few turkey-themed baby outfits, there’s not much to buy for Thanksgiving. It would give us a real chance to pause and appreciate all that we have, I can’t think of any better reason to celebrate than that!

5. It makes it clear that we’re heading towards Christmas. Thanksgiving provides the perfect marker for the start of the Christmas season. As soon as the table’s cleared we could put up the tree and get excited about carols and mulled wine. Anything that builds up festive anticipation is ok by me!

Will you join me in the campaign to bring Thanksgiving across the pond? I think we could all benefit from am extra, thankful holiday.


Do you have any celebrations that are similar to Thanksgiving in your country?


dzeni's picture
dzeni 14 March, 2014 - 17:58

Unluckily no. I`m sure that most of people in my country never heard for Thanksgiving day so we don`t have similar celebrations. It`s really a pity because Thanksgiving day is a good chance to show how much we are grateful to our dearest persons.
A few weeks ago I saw posters about Thanksgiving day at my school. It`s really great thing. I hope we will have similar celebrations in the future.

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Natalija's picture
Natalija 26 April, 2013 - 14:05

No, we don't, but I wish we do. I like Thanksgiving and I think it's great to celebrate that day in the year and to spend some time with family and friends, and to thank God for all he gave us. I think we have so many thinks to celebrate and to be grateful for, and this day is the opportunity for that. But we shouldn't think about it only once a year, but every day and every moment. Life is so beautiful and we should appreciate it:).

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ornela-k's picture
ornela-k 29 March, 2013 - 15:18

No we haven`t any celebrations that are similar to Thanksgiving,but we have other celebrations.

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Xheni F's picture
Xheni F 27 March, 2013 - 20:58

No in albania doesn't have a similary celebration with the thanksgiving day...but i like to have ona day similary...

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MALINE's picture
MALINE 16 March, 2013 - 23:23

I only eat turkey during christmas,it´s a special food for a special day, but we also eat "romeritos"( a kind of grass cooked in mole) with shrimps and we drink "ponche" a beverage made with jamaica ( a flower),cane,guavas,tamarindo and apples.

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Jerry's picture
Jerry 4 March, 2013 - 16:41

In my country you can eat turkey any time, anywhere. You don't need Thanksgiving for feasts, because there are namedays and birthdays when you can eat special foods. As for family gatherings, you don't need another holiday to meet your favourite relatives.

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Irini Real Madrid's picture
Irini Real Madrid 19 January, 2013 - 15:44

in my country excist the days of thanksgiving
i like that day because is very popular
albania loves that day and i wish to thank all my country because we are very polite

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lust's picture
lust 10 January, 2013 - 18:40

I think if you want to celebrate this day it is not necessary to make the holiday as the state one. You can join your family regadless UK has this tradition or not.

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