Exam grammar & vocabulary

Exam grammar & vocabulary


This section offers you lots of advice for all sorts of grammar and vocabulary exams that you have to do at school. There are exercises to do too so you can check that you understand the advice and you can also practise your grammar and vocabulary.

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What type of grammar and vocabulary exams or tests do you have to do at school?


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Through out the University life, a lot of grammar tests to be done for all students.
But it shouldn't stop learning English and Grammar @Vocabulary Bank should be active any time.
Thus why,I'll proceed my Learning with BC anywhere!

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We have not got grammer exam but we have got vocabulary exam.. This vocabulary exam 15 minutes or 20 minutes. We have got 200 vocabulary and we do it. We do not use dictionary!!!

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We have test four times a year-twice in the first semester, and the same in the other. It contains of grammar, for example-conditionals, tenses etc., and twice we write a essay in English-it's my favourite part. We have to write about 200 words about some topic teacher gives us and I think it's the best way to see if students have the knowledge in English. Essays are my speciality. We're allowed to use dictionaries, and we also have a conversation in English, which I find very important. My teacher even recorded us once, and I find it a great way to improve knowledge. And we watch English films very often, without translation, and our teacher focuses on conversation more than to grammar, which I find reasonable.

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What type of grammar and vocabulary exams or tests do you have to do at school?

In the country which grammar comes first like my country, doing grammar and vocabulary exams is very essential. We have to do that in any lessons, whenever our teachers tell us to do, 15-minute test, 45- minute test, 60 minutes or oral examination. There are many types of test. Doing them is necessary, I agree. But doing to much can put us under pressure.

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hi muhtaremi
you are Turkey.
Turkey it is very nice country.
Have you been to Azerbaijan?

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Hi JoEditor.
We are always pleased to school grammar or vocabulary exams of the tests.But if open type tests, logical tests gave and open type tests, logical tests would be our in the school better. It is also useful to increase the student's knowledge.Repetition of the test knowledge.
İt is not true?

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Hi ellen,
I know that you wrote a great comment on this page. I'm very sorry but we had a technical problem with this page today and your comment was deleted. :(
Please write again! Sorry about that, we hope it won't happen again.
Best wishes, Jo (LearnEnglish Teens Team)

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