Read the questions carefully

Read the questions carefully


Don’t rush when you are reading the instructions and the questions. Take your time to make sure you understand exactly what you have to do.

  • Always read the questions carefully.
  • Underline the key information in the question that you need to answer.
  • Check you have answered the question correctly.
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People often rush in exams when they get nervous.  Do you have any top tips to help others stop feeling nervous before and during an exam?  Do you get nervous easily?


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I used to get nervous in the exams but now I don't. I think that to avoid being nervous in the exams I have to practise very well. So whenever I practise and study well before any exam, I feel that I have done my best so no need to be worried ... In addition to that, if I didn't know the answer of a question I just ignore it for a while and answer the rest of the questions before thinking of an answer for this question again.

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