Boost your memory

Boost your memory




Your memory plays an important part in preparing for exams. The tips and ideas in this section will help you to remember things, but people learn things in different ways so try some of them and see which ones work best for you. For example, some students like to see information written down, some prefer to listen to information and others learn better while they are walking or moving around.

Try out these different ideas. Which ones help you remember best?

  • Use pictures and visuals to help you remember things. For example, to learn vocabulary, use a picture dictionary.
  • Make diagrams and mind maps. For example, make mind maps for different topics of vocabulary or use tables to record word families.
  • Write notes and then use highlighters and coloured pens to focus on important things. For example, use different colours to highlight pronunciation or different grammatical words.
  • Look at your diagrams, mind maps or highlighted notes again a few hours later or the next day. The more often you look at your notes, the more you will remember.
  • Write things down. 
  • Stick pieces of paper around your room with notes and look at them regularly.
  • Use your mobile phone or an online voice recorder (there are lots of free voice recorders online) to record your voice. Record yourself reading your notes and then listen to the recordings.
  • Study with a friend. Explain things to each other and ask each other some questions. If you like listening to information, this will help you remember.
  • Read out loud (or record) just the main points you have underlined or highlighted.
  • Listen to your notes regularly. The more you listen, the more you will remember.
  • Connect new information to things you already know. For example, when you learn a new meaning of a word, think about the meaning you already know. Is there a connection?
  • Read your notes aloud while you walk around.
  • Go for a walk with a friend and test each other while you are walking.
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Which of the tips above do you find most useful? Tell us which of these tips you already do.


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I use a lot tips and tricks,like took a nap before and after studyng,if you have a lot things to study at half go take a shower and the last but not least study with frend or with group

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great tips. I would like to add another good one, which is 'mnemonic techniques'. I use some mnemonic techniques/devices to memorize some typical stuff in order. But I think that these popular techniques have some drawbacks, for example they kill creativity. I need your valuable suggestions on this issue. thanks

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I think that this text can help pupils and students. It tells about new ways to learn something. Someone can find the way that fit himself. Like an example, I didn’t know some ways. The writing is the best variant for me. Also I prepare homework with my friends. It is easier and more fun when you do something in a company. This year I had exams. It was awful experience, but I coped. We tried different methods. There were: writing, speaking, using notes and diagrams.
I also have a piece of advice for students. Firstly, don’t waste your time. Secondly, divide studying the material for weeks. And keep records which will show your results. Also don’t study the material late at night. You won’t sleep enough. So you will be tired and your brain will work badly. Eat chocolate before the exam and don’t worry. You will pass it!

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Well the tips are really useful..I've already used many of these tips.
When I was studying throughout 49 days for final examinations of 12th grade ,I was studying like the other days but the hours of studying became more and more.when sth was important or crucial I wrote VIE or VIP on it, or I wrote the note on a piece of paper and then I hanged it on the wall of my room and so it was a good way to remember them..Sometimes I was walking and sometimes I was sitting .I haven't changed my style of studying..I always explain the lesson for myself as a teacher then I try to memorize it and of course I think it's a important to use different colors in writing notes ,as it looks more beautiful.

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Hi Sizar,
It's great to read your comments and to see that the tips in the exam section are useful to you. We're still working on this section and will be adding more to it soon.
Best wishes, Jo (LearnEnglish Teens Team)

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Some interesting comments on here so far. It seems that lux and m.tayyab are visual learners and silver98 is an audio learner! Wow, we all learn in different ways.  Anyone else???...

Simon (LearnEnglish Teens Team)

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I like to talk with my friends and family about my study. Sometime i used to remember things by drawing the diagrams and map. Colouring the most important points is very helpful.

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There are many different types of people when it comes to studying. I think I am a "listening type". I usually read topics out loud when I learn - this way I remember things better.
For those of you that have problems with remembering maybe you should try some food that boosts your memory. Hope the links are working, otherwise here is direct link to this fine article:
I wish you all the best in preparing for exams ;)

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I am more of a visual person so for me then best thing to remember the topic is drawing mind maps. But I usually get carried away drawing silly things in the left or right corner of my notebook :)

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