Look after your eyes

Look after your eyes


Spend your study time in a quiet room with plenty of light. If you study better in the evenings, make sure you have a good lamp so that your eyes don’t get tired. Do exercises for your eyes. Look at something near you and blink (open and close) your eyes several times and then look at something far away. Repeat this several times.

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Where do you usually study?  Tell us the good and bad things about studying in this place.


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I always study in my room, because there's everything I need-books, notebooks, pens, pencils, my desk, chair and lab top. I can't study at other place, I got used to my studying room, because there's no one to bother me and my room is painted in green, and green is the best colour for concentration. There's no bad things about studying here.

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I prefer studying in the morning from 10am to 12pm. It's the time when I get the best results from studying. I usually do it in my room, as it's quite light :)
And I whenever I feel my eyes are tired, I do exercises for them.... Don't want to be blind >.> It's my biggest fear, guess....

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I usually study in my own room ,I hate too much light in my room as well as I hate darkness.
sometimes I am afraid and feel that I'll loose my eyes in future,I think I'll face weak sight .
I'll use the exercise you mentioned.

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