• Keep your notes tidy and complete. If you miss a class, get the notes from a friend or ask your teacher what you missed.
  • Organise your notes into different sections, e.g. vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, speaking, reading, listening, writing. This will make it easier to find the section you need to revise for the exam.
  • Look through your notes regularly, not just the day before the exam.
  • Use different coloured pens and highlighter pens to help you focus on the most important things you have to learn.
  • Make summaries of your notes. Include the most important things in your summaries. Write short summaries on small cards that you can carry around with you and read them on the bus or when you have some free time.
  • Make mind maps, visuals and diagrams.
  • If you don’t understand something in your notes, ask a classmate or your teacher to explain it to you.
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Do you make mind maps or diagrams?  Do you find these useful for remembering your notes?  Tell us what you do.


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I have downloaded today a software about mind mapping... I believe I use this software for these exams! It's easier to remember and maybe simpler to transport with me on the bus or the public library...

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Thank you, LearnEnglishTeam for the short and sweet tips!
We can also use make use of softwares such as Microsoft OneNote for categorizing notes and there are plenty of free organizers and note taking softwares available in the web.

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