Sometimes you may be asked to complete a set of notes in a listening exam. This is a type of gap-fill. These tips will help you to do your best in this type of exam.
  • Look at the notes before you listen. What information is missing? A noun? A verb? A number? A date? A name?
  • Predict what information you need and listen to confirm.
  • Just write down key words while you listen, not all words.
  • Just write notes while you listen, not complete, perfect sentences.
  • Write the key words quickly.
  • Write abbreviations, not complete words, e.g. info (not information), Eng (not English), etc.
  • Don't worry about spelling while you listen. You can correct spelling later.


How well did you do in the exercise?  Do you feel ready for your next listening exam?  Remember to tell us how well you do in future listening exams!