It's important to know how many times you will listen to the text so make sure you ask your teacher.
  • In most listening tests you hear the text more than once. The first time you should listen for general understanding and the second time for more specific information.
  • If you listen more than once, don't worry if you don't hear all the answers the first time. Keep calm and listen for the answers the second time.
  • If you don't hear an answer, don't panic. Sometimes key information is repeated later in the audio.
  • If you only listen once and don't hear all the answers, think about the context and choose/write an answer that makes sense. Use your common sense and guess – you might be right.


In your listening exams how many times do you usually listen to the audio?


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SARAH K 6 July, 2013 - 09:56

Usually only once. Times before I used to listen it at least twice, but now I do not find it neccesary.

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TeenGirlie 3 February, 2013 - 08:04

We usually listen to the text 2 times.. and we have 2 types of tasks: True & False, ABC... and after 1st listening we must do the T&F, and after second - ABC, but we are not allowed to check the first taks after listening the 2nd time.... Unfair! it makes listening quite harder for me..

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