Listening exams

Listening exams


Listening exams can be quite scary. Will you understand what you have to do? Will you understand what the speakers say? Will you have time to write down your answers? This section will help you to prepare for all sorts of listening exams.

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This section offers you lots of advice for listening exams and tests. Listening exams can be stressful and you might feel that you can’t do very much in order to prepare for them. Read the advice here and you will find lots of ideas on how you can get better marks in listening exams. Good luck!

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Do you find listening exams difficult? Tell us about the last listening exam you did.


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Hi! I had one listening exam on Italian language.It was very difficult and there were so many words I didn't know.That was first listening ex. in my life.Wasn't very good,but I'm learning now and I'm doing them well.I want to say that everything necessary for being better in listening exams is practice.
+Very helpfull,THANKS

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Of course, they are difficult. Listening exams are the most difficult exam of the skills. the last exam was two months ago in my institute of english. I had finished my writing, reading and grammar exams. i waited for the listening exam while was checking my other skills. when the computer started with the exam i just could understand a few words but those words weren't enought for approbe. when the computer started with the exam i just could understand a few words but those words weren't enough for approve. Because i failed my exam. jejejjejjeje

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Hi snoopyduck,
Welcome to LearnEnglish Teens. The best way to discover how to use this website is to have a look in each of the main sections. You will see what sort of material we have in each section to help you practise and improve your English. If you have questions just ask. We are here to help you. 
Best wishes, Jo (LearnEnglish Teens Team) 

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i think listening exams and speak are important and it 's a problem to me !!! i wanna speak english over good , can you help me ?

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Well, it is sometimes very difficult, specially when all students around you makes noise and you can hear nothing. The last listening exam I did was from English. I try to keep calm and concentrate and it helps a lot because all answers were correct. :)

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