Multiple choice answers is a popular type of task for listening exams. Multiple choice can be tricky, as there are often two possible answers that are quite similar.
  • Read all the options carefully before you listen and underline key words.
  • If the options have numbers or dates, say them to yourself to think about the way they sound before you listen.
  • Use your common sense to eliminate any options that are not possible.
  • If the A,B,C options are confusing, think about how you would answer the question in your own words. Then look again at the options. Which option is similar to your idea?
  • Listen for key information to confirm your answers. Key information is usually stressed.
  • Sometimes the speakers talk about all the options. Listen to all the audio before choosing the correct option. Don't choose the first option you hear.
  • Read the options again after you listen. Eliminate options you are certain are wrong.
  • Do you get negative points for wrong answers? If not, always answer all the questions, even if you guess.
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How well did you do in the exercise? Do you think the advice will help in you in your next listening exam?