Listening exams

Listening exams

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This section offers you lots of advice for listening exams and tests. Listening exams can be stressful and you might feel that you can’t do very much in order to prepare for them. Read the advice here and you will find lots of ideas on how you can get better marks in listening exams. Good luck!

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Do you find listening exams difficult? Tell us about the last listening exam you did.


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Well, it is sometimes very difficult, specially when all students around you makes noise and you can hear nothing. The last listening exam I did was from English. I try to keep calm and concentrate and it helps a lot because all answers were correct. :)

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i have problem i dont have more words so when i listen and not be understood some words i cant under stand all Conversation ...

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Toma English's picture

at first , I had problems with listening , but now, my listening skills are improved ,, I can understand most of what English people say ,,,, but I still have problems with the american movies because I can't understand the american accent well :D

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serap's picture

I find it difficult! But not much. While I am listening something in English I cannot understand every word and it makes me annoy! Reading or writing is nice but listening is different a little bit, because, sometimes, I cannot understand the some words that is said. What should I do to do listening practises better?

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JoEditor's picture

Hi serapöztürkbs,
The best way to improve your listening is to listen to as much as you possibly can in English. You can listen to songs, watch films, video clips etc. It's totally normal that you don't understand every word. You don't need to understand every word in order to be able to understand the main ideas. When you are doing a listening exam, don't panic if there are parts of the dialogue that you miss. 
Best wishes, Jo (LearnEnglish Teens Team) 

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Potterhead's picture

On the last exam(it was couple days before) Ive done it without mistakes.Im worried becouse, i think that i know english, but i just cant stop arguing with my teacher.Will that efect my grade?

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Jonathan - Coordinator's picture

Hi Potterhead! Oh dear, that sounds like a tricky situation. Your teacher should be impartial and just grade you on your exam. But it's probably for the best if you try and avoid any conflicts with him or her. What sort of things do you argue about? Are they serious arguments?
Jonathan (LearnEnglish Teens Team)

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lili's picture

i wouldn't say they are very dificult but.....................if the person talks very fast i wouldn't understand a thing and don't be surprised about i would be like: "what was ur 2nd word again????!!!!!"......

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i got problem with listening, i don't know how to improve my listening skill. i've tried to memorize as many vocabulary as possible but it's just really hard to know what the speaker says. And my english is getting worse bcause everyone speaks Indonesia ! and here i am, practising my english alone...can you help me to improve my listening ? It's useless if i understand grammar but when it comes listening to the native speaker, i don't get a thing

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Grace's picture

Hello everyone! I'm new here. I'd like to learn English so much. I love studying English all the time. I want to devote my life only in English but I have to learn another foreign language. Hope this site can help me improve my four skills. :) I suppose I am very weak at listening and speaking.

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Jonathan - Coordinator's picture

Hi Grace and welcome to LearnEnglish Teens. It's great you're so keen on learning! We have some exciting new listening materials coming soon, so keep on checking back here. For now, try watching the videos in Video UK and Video Zone. You can find some speaking tips in Exam speaking - these will help you prepare things to say. And writing comments is a great way to practise your English so keep it up!
Jonathan (LearnEnglish Teens Team)

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I did a listening exam last friday and i´ve got a 10 (in méxico the highest score), you just have to listen carefully and don´t panic breath in before the exam and pay atention.

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