Speaking exams

Speaking exams


Speaking exams can be stressful! What if you don't understand the examiner? What if you don't know the exact word you need? Don't panic! This section has loads of tips and advice on how to survive your next speaking exam.

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This section is going to help you to prepare for speaking exams, which for many learners are the exam that is most feared! This section will give you lots of tips and advice so you can do as well as possible in any speaking test. Remember that everyone gets nervous in exams, especially oral exams. So, don’t worry, our tips will help you feel more confident in a speaking exam.

  • Listening to as much English as possible will help to improve your speaking. Listening to songs, podcasts, films, TV series or video clips will help you to feel more confident about speaking.
  • Speak as much English in class as possible. If you speak English regularly in class, you will find it easier to speak in an exam.
  • Slow down! It’s not a race. Before you speak, think carefully about what to say and speak a little slower than normal.
  • Use language you know is correct. Use words and expressions you have used before.
  • If you don’t know a word, think of another way to say it. For example, if you know the word ‘expensive’, but can’t remember the word ‘cheap’, you could say:
    It’s not expensive.
    It’s a good price.
    It’s not a lot of money.
  • Listen to yourself while you speak and if you hear a mistake, correct it. Native speakers make mistakes and correct them all the time.
  • Look at the examiner’s or other student’s face and eyes when you speak. Do they understand you? If not, say it again with different words.
  • If you don’t understand the question or the activity, ask the examiner. Say: ‘Could you repeat that, please?’
  • Always say something. Don’t just say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Explain your answer with a reason. Say ‘Yes, I agree because....’
  • If you can choose the question or topic, choose one you know something about. It’s easier to talk about something you know.
  • Speak clearly so that the examiner can hear you. If you find this difficult, practise with a friend at home. Stand at opposite ends of a room and speak to each other in English. Or speak to each other in English on your computers.
  • What can you prepare before the exam? Ask your teacher. For example, questions about personal information. Prepare what to say at home and practise with a friend, in front of a mirror or record yourself on your phone or computer. 
  • In some exams, there are two examiners. One who talks to you and one who listens. Say hello and goodbye to both examiners, but during the exam, focus on the examiner who talks to you.
  • This is your opportunity to show the examiner what you know. Use your best language and pronunciation.
  • Remember that everyone feels nervous in exams. So, take some deep breaths before the exam and try to relax.
  • Finally, remember that the examiners are normal human beings, not aliens!

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How well did you do in the exercise? Do you have any more top tips for doing well in speaking exams?


KsenZag's picture

Speaking exams are my favourite exams, because it is good opportunity to make your level of communication better. But in spite of this, I always feel nervous while communicating with someone in English or in exams. But what to do if I want to be a successful translator?

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Monisa's picture

I can speak normally with people of similar ages or younger, but I feel a little nervous while speaking with elders. :(
(Please, correct any mistakes in this sentence.)

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dlovato's picture

I did the exercice pretty well.
I think that one of the most important things to learn english is always listen films,TV shows.... in english and practise in your house your pronunciation.

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Ouuhh.. o_o This website is so perfect. I'm new here. I will always come to this website everyday to make my ability in English better than before. I will make my parents proud of me cause I can speak & understand all about English Language. Finally, I want to say BIG THANKS for this website :)

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ATATURK's picture

I'm a gemini girl :D Geminis are always talkative, language's kind isn't problem for us. I love speaking and making mistake isn't problem for me. I speak a lot English with my teachers, friends, native speaker (There is a British man in our school for helping us to improve our language skills) and of course myself. Sometimes, I forget some words and I don't use the correct grammer rules or i can't understand the other speaker clearly. But everybody can understand me a little bit. I will improve my speaking skills <3

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Jonathan - Coordinator's picture

Hi susucck! Don't worry, we have a few tips for you. One thing you can do is have a look at the six videos of speaking exams. Watch the students answering the questions, and then try answering them yourself. It might help you to make notes and prepare your answers, or record yourself giving your answer with your computer or mobile. Practise several times so that you remember more and can give your answer more easily. Are you taking a speaking exam soon?
Jonathan (LearnEnglish Teens Team)

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Tessy's picture

I like English a lot but my friend say's that there will be a time when i would begin to dislike it because it would get confusing to me.
Please how can i solve this out

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