Personal pronouns and possessives

Personal pronouns and possessives


As you watch the video, look at the examples of personal pronouns and possessives. They are red in the subtitles. Then read the conversation below to learn more. Finally, do the grammar exercises to check you understand, and can use, personal pronouns and possessives correctly.


Alfie's got a new bike and invites Oliver and Daisy to go out for a ride. Sophie is working in Istanbul.

We use personal pronouns (I, me, he, him, etc.) to replace names or nouns when it is clear what they refer to. We use possessives (my, your, her) when it is not necessary to name the person the thing belongs to.

We use personal pronouns to avoid repeating nouns.

 Mum's calling. She’s  in Turkey.
How’s Daisy? Give her my love.

You used she because it’s the subject and her because it’s the object.

Very good. Here’s the list of all the personal pronouns and possessive adjectives:

Subject pronoun Object pronoun Possessive adjective Possessive pronoun
I me my mine
you you your yours
he him his his
she her hers hers
it it its -
we us our ours
they them their theirs

We use pronouns to avoid repetition when it is obvious what we are talking about.

Is this your bike? > No, that one’s mine. (= my bike)
Those red gloves are yours; the blue ones are hers. (= her gloves)

Can I use two pronouns together?

Yes, for example:

The man in the shop gave me them free.

So, what do I need to be careful about?

Well, sometimes we use me when it might seem logical to use I. We also use it sometimes to refer to people.

I love house music > I do too / Me too.
Who’s that? > Me. / It’s me. / It’s Fran.

Sometimes we use they instead of he or she, them instead of him or her and their instead of his or hers.

When you meet your new teacher, they will give you the books. 
If anyone asks where I am, tell them I’m in Istanbul this week.
Someone left their gloves in the classroom.

I thought someone was singular.

Yes, you’re right, but nowadays we avoid using he for people in general, and he or she is very long, so we use they instead, especially when we’re speaking.

Can you also say:

“The English cricket team lost again. They  were rubbish.”? 

Yes. We sometimes use they for single nouns which refer to groups of people.

What about animals?

We usually use it/they  for animals, but  when people are talking about their own pets, they use  he  or she. 

The dog must be thirsty. Give him some water.

Yes, one thinks that animals are just like people, doesn’t one?

Ah, we don’t use one to mean everyone very much. It sounds very old-fashioned and too formal. We use you to mean people in general.

You can see the sea from the top of that mountain.    (you = people in general)

But the Queen uses one?

That's true. But, I haven’t met the Queen and  you should use you!


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What's the best present you've ever had? What was it and who gave it to you?


pierina's picture

My favorite present tha I have ever recived was a necklace from my boyfriend because it was my first Disney's necklace.It is so amainzing and it has a MiniMouse inside I love it,

43 users have voted.
nandosc9's picture

In my birthday a friend give me a CD with many good songs of one of my favorites bands, Hillsong. That liked me so much.

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stephania1799's picture

The best present I have ever recived was a gift from my boyfriend. he brought it on his car and he left it on my bedroom with help of my brother. Her mom help him with the craft and he also put his perfum on the gift. The main part of the gift was a ballon with a bear of my favorite animal. It was so excited to me because it was a surprise and I loved it

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Angielu's picture

I don't have a specially present but I think that the best present I've ever get from God is my parents, because they are my happiness.

42 users have voted.
Elsa007's picture

It's hard for me to decide the best present I've ever had. Every present which is heartfelt, thoughtful and carefully prepared present gives me pleasure regardless of the price. And admittedly, the present which money can't buy really holds a special place in my heart!

54 users have voted.
hadia's picture

I believe that the best present I've ever get from Allah Almighty is my Family! I'm very thankful to Him that He gave me such a beautiful family. I feel like the luckiest person ever! They support me in every step of my life. whenever i think of them it seems that i have been bestowed by Almighty Allah. There presence give me happiness and relaxation. I feel very comfortable with them and I think that this is the most precious gift which has been gifted to me!

56 users have voted.
SpencerHastings's picture

I don't think I have a best present. I have best presents. And I really can't decide which of them is more important for me and which of them I like more. But, to answers at that question, I think it is a parrot that I don't have anymore. My mum gave he (did I use that correctly?) to me and I had such lovely moments with him.

57 users have voted.
AnaB's picture

Everybody around me says me that their parents gived them the best present in the world and usualy that's slothes, rings ... you know (just don't get me everyone, I want to say, people who are around me) ... I think the best present I have ever had, and I still have it, that's mu brother. We have fights, we are sometimes mad, but I know one thing, and he knows it, we are loving each other. And I think our love is the biggest brothers love in the whole world. Sure, my parents, those are the ones who gave it that present to me. I'm so thankful to them.

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silver's picture

hi i am from turkey. i want to tell about my bhirtday. my friends came my home. and i was realy suprised. they bought me a bhirtday cake and nice presents. i was so happy. this day is my best bhirtday i have ever seen. because i had a wonderful present, friendship. they are my real friends

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Natalija's picture

The best present I've ever had is the pearl necklace for my 16th birthday. I like pearls so much, and it's the most beautiful pearl necklace I've ever seen. My father gave it to me, and I was so happy to finally have it. I'm wearing it for almost every important occasion and it's my favourite jewelry.

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Natalija's picture

Hi, begum celebi:)
I like Bosporus and Blue mosque too, I've visited that mosque and saw Bosporus so many times. It's really wonderful and enchanting, and once you came there, you can't resist to come back. You're from Istanbul?

172 users have voted.
June's picture

Many people truly believe in me, and I call that the best present I've ever had. Although they don't give me any expensive presents, I still feel that they are alway by my side, they always encourage me to make my dream come true and help me with many things. In my opinion, the really meaningful presents have to be given from the hearts and I think I've already had it.

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Natalija's picture

Hi, June,
I like your comment, you're completely right; the best present one can get is the people's trust in him, and if we've gained one's trust, that means we're good persons. You can get the most expensive present on the world, but it's nothing compared to the words of kindness and a real support from friends and family. I think, just like you, that I've already got that biggest present, and I'm so happy of having it. I like my friends and family the best, and I get that kind of present from them every day.

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