Sporting events

Sporting events


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Vocabulary exercises to learn words for sporting events.

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Do you ever go to watch sporting events? Which ones do you like?


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Yes i watch sport events all the time.I watched Novak Djokovic about 2 hours ago and he won it was hard 7-5 6-4 6-4

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One more thing make me love Britishcouncil site more and more is in this lession people use Rainbow flag. It was happy from inside me. I hope people will open their mind more and more in our country and all the world like this :)

Ah I love sport. Now I am joining a volleyball club. we play volleyball at every weekend. And at home, I play basketball with my brother sometimes. I am not tall and my health is not good for to be a good player or a athletic but I want to play and try :)

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i haven't gone to any sport events yet, but i do enjoy watching sports on TV especially tennis. My favorite tennis player is Novak Djokovic. watching him play makes me really happy ! :))

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I rather like to take part in sports than to watch it. But Yeah, I enjoy watching cricket match when we cheerlead for our team and hoot and shout wishing them all the best and saying Yes you can do it. Our school often helds matches and its really pleasing seeing little kids shouting for us and gesturing us best of luck with their thumbs up. Besides this, the person who compares the match also appreciates us and when that person Specifically takes our name telling that how good they have been playing, its a pleasure to hear that :) I know im going off the topic so i will end up here

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II like going to tennis matches. I enjoy doing that, I was at Wimbledon twice and it was exciting. I play tennis, by the way, and it's my favourite sport.
I hate football and volleyball matches.

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Hi md. nayem islam. The most important things when developing your English speaking skill is practice. Practice makes perfect! If you don't have anybody to speak English with, try talking to a mirror!

Take 10 minutes every evening before you sleep, tell your mirror about your day (what did you do? where did you go? who did you meet?) or talk about your plans for the next day.  Just 10 minutes every evening, will help your fluency.  For some new ideas for things to talk about check out the exam speaking section

Good luck.

Simon (LearnEnglish Teens Team)

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