Alfie's got a new bike and invites Oliver and Daisy to go out for a ride. Sophie is working in Istanbul.

We use personal pronouns (I, me, he, him, etc.) to replace names or nouns when it is clear what they refer to. We use possessives (my, your, her) when it is not necessary to name the person the thing belongs to.

We use personal pronouns to avoid repeating nouns.

 Mum's calling. She’s  in Turkey.
How’s Daisy? Give her my love.

You used she because it’s the subject and her because it’s the object.

Very good. Here’s the list of all the personal pronouns and possessive adjectives:

Subject pronoun Object pronoun Possessive adjective Possessive pronoun
I me my mine
you you your yours
he him his his
she her her hers
it it its -
we us our ours
they them their theirs

We use pronouns to avoid repetition when it is obvious what we are talking about.

Is this your bike? > No, that one’s mine. (= my bike)
Those red gloves are yours; the blue ones are hers. (= her gloves)

Can I use two pronouns together?

Yes, for example:

The man in the shop gave me them free.

So, what do I need to be careful about?

Well, sometimes we use me when it might seem logical to use I. We also use it sometimes to refer to people.

I love house music > I do too / Me too.
Who’s that? > Me. / It’s me. / It’s Fran.

Sometimes we use they instead of he or she, them instead of him or her and their instead of his or hers.

When you meet your new teacher, they will give you the books. 
If anyone asks where I am, tell them I’m in Istanbul this week.
Someone left their gloves in the classroom.

I thought someone was singular.

Yes, you’re right, but nowadays we avoid using he for people in general, and he or she is very long, so we use they instead, especially when we’re speaking.

Can you also say:

“The English cricket team lost again. They  were rubbish.”? 

Yes. We sometimes use they for single nouns which refer to groups of people.

What about animals?

We usually use it/they  for animals, but  when people are talking about their own pets, they use  he  or she. 

The dog must be thirsty. Give him some water.

Yes, one thinks that animals are just like people, doesn’t one?

Ah, we don’t use one to mean everyone very much. It sounds very old-fashioned and too formal. We use you to mean people in general.

You can see the sea from the top of that mountain.    (you = people in general)

But the Queen uses one?

That's true. But, I haven’t met the Queen and you should use you!


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What's the best present you've ever had? What was it and who gave it to you?


Sherry4869's picture
Sherry4869 10 May, 2020 - 15:11

I don’t understand this one- (nowadays we avoid using he for people in general, and he or she is very long, so we use they instead, especially when we’re speaking.)

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mayifogue's picture
mayifogue 1 April, 2020 - 18:44

When i was 4 years old, my dad gave me and my sister a one meter high doll. the doll she gave me looked like me in frizzy hair, i had a red dress from the powerpuff girls, i liked it a lot.

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FedericoB8's picture
FedericoB8 25 March, 2020 - 18:58

The best gift I received in my life was a week's holiday at the Torino FC Camp, it was a week of football training, my parents gave it to me last summer.

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marchese's picture
marchese 23 March, 2020 - 10:02

I think the best present I received is what my grandfather gave me years ago. It is a simple bag of Barbie that I had seen at the supermarket with him while we were shopping, and that had bought me. I will always remain the most precious and most appreciated gift!

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Micheleanto's picture
Micheleanto 20 March, 2020 - 17:28

The best present i’ve ever had is the Ps4, Was a console and my parents gave it to me but the best gift I’ve ever had ,for me, are my friends.

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gattifederica's picture
gattifederica 20 March, 2020 - 17:00

The best present I’ve ever had was the study trip to Edinburgh, in Scotland. My old school organized this holiday. Many of my friends participated with me. We had a lot of fun and saw many places. We stayed in host families to sleep and have breakfast. My parents gave me this holidays for my birthday and I was very happy.

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asiasantin's picture
asiasantin 20 March, 2020 - 16:20

I think that material gifts are not worth much, so I don't consider them as good gifts. The best gift I've ever had is my family

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BttChiara's picture
BttChiara 20 March, 2020 - 16:04

The best present that I ever had was my dog, Moka. My parents gave me Moka at Christmas. I was really surprised of that present. Now, I love her so much.

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bea_mara's picture
bea_mara 20 March, 2020 - 14:50

My parents many years ago at Christmas gave me a tablet. I asked it for a lot and when I opened the gift I was very happy.

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Carolina000's picture
Carolina000 20 March, 2020 - 13:44

The best gift I ever received was my cat. My parents gave it to me for Christmas and from that moment on we never parted.

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MatildePace's picture
MatildePace 20 March, 2020 - 13:39

The best gift I've ever received is my doggy. My parents gave it to me. Her name is Giulietta, She is 5 months old and it is tricolor, white, brown and black. She is very soft, sweet and playful. I love her very much and I love spending time with her. We take long walks together and she Always keeps me company.

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beasam0109's picture
beasam0109 20 March, 2020 - 13:37

I don't have a favorite present, it changes every year, but I think the most useful one is the computer, it helps me to search for school and to surf the web more easily my parents gave it to me last christmas.

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JasmineD03's picture
JasmineD03 20 March, 2020 - 11:49

The best gift they ever gave me was my cat. It was my eleventh birthday and they gave me a beautiful surprise because I didn't know anything and my parents showed up at home with this kitten and I immediately fell in love with it.

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Desy's picture
Desy 20 March, 2020 - 11:24

The best present that I have received will happen this summer and it is the holiday in Greece, that my parents gave me because my dream is go in Greece. We should go this summer and I can't wait!

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_auro_'s picture
_auro_ 20 March, 2020 - 14:57

the best gift I received was my dog ​​that I found under the Christmas tree.
My parents gave me because I wanted one for some time

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giorgia_marchetti's picture
giorgia_marchetti 20 March, 2020 - 14:17

The best present that i’ve ever had is my new mobile phone. It’s a present of my parents for my birthday.

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Pippatwo's picture
Pippatwo 19 June, 2018 - 15:31

There's so many it could be (because any heartfelt gifts bring me joy), but one of my favorite presents were three of my best friends when I was little; pet rats(not the violent ones) that an old relation gave me, and they have a special place in my heart to this day.

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GiovanaSarai's picture
GiovanaSarai 16 February, 2018 - 18:50

We must to know when we will to use a personal or possessive pronouns with the other part of the sentence.

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pparedes984's picture
pparedes984 3 January, 2017 - 03:18

The best that i received was a chain on Christmas because it means a lot to me beacuse I love to the person that gave it to me. Is a very beautiful chain that I carry with me all the days and I never take away from me beacuse I ove it. The person who gave me this was my girlfriend in this christmas so I enjoy of her present too much

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VShirleyCh's picture
VShirleyCh 2 January, 2017 - 06:11

The best gift I've had is my first pink and purple bike my dad gave me, it's important for me because I love cycling and it's good to know that your family likes it too. The best gift my bicycle was used by my sister Gabriela and now use my sister Valenttina, that is why it is so precious for me, I would not want to get rid of it, another of the gifts I have had and I appreciate it very much, it is my photographic camera that although Already a little old still works and gave me my second mom.

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hgsmf's picture
hgsmf 22 August, 2016 - 01:20

The best present I have ever had was my mobile . My mum gave it to me because of passing my exams.

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