Chloe has an unusual pet which isn't popular with all the members of her family. In this story it gets her into a bit of trouble.


Wild animals in cities can cause chaos! Can you imagine the trouble that baboons in city centres could cause?


Vandalism or contemporary art? Find out more about where street art has come from and where it might be heading.

picture of Spiderman show on Broadway

A Spider-Man actor had a terrible accident in a theatre on Broadway. How did the audience feel about it? Watch this short clip to find out. 

picture from A Brief History of Writing

We do it every day, on paper, on our phones and on computers. But, what do you know about the history of writing? Watch this clip to find out more.

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Are you a Twilight fan? If so, you'll enjoy this interview with Kristen Stewart.

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Can you imagine being shipwrecked on a desert island? How would you survive? This clip gives you a few survival tips. You never know when you might need them!

picture from the Hi-tech Car Key video

One in five young people crash the car within a year of passing their driving test! This hi-tech key could allow parents to make sure their children are driving safely.