You can teach a pet dog some words like 'sit' or 'stay'. But how many words can a dog learn?


This week Sophia is joined by a very special guest ... her mum, Kissu! Join them as they try the tongue twister challenge, then tell us in the comments who you think the winner is! 


Have you ever had a summer job? Do students normally work during the holidays in your country? In this video Sophia talks about the advantages and disadvantages of working during the summer holidays.   


No one believes her. But the evidence is there ... the blood in the pool, the horrible injuries to her right leg. How on earth could something like that have happened?


Social media is everywhere but are you using it smartly? Here are five easy tips.


Reduce, reuse and recycle! Join Sophia as she talks about 'the three Rs' and shares some tips on how we can all cut down on waste and help the environment.


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