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A trip down memory lane

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The Tiger Who Came to Tea. Owl Babies. Mog. We’re going on a Bear Hunt, Little Bear’s Trousers. Alfie!

You may wonder what all these titles are. These are my favourite childhood books and they bring back very strong memories of being young. My parents used to feed me and my two brothers dinner, give us a bath and put us to bed, but we’d never sleep until they had read us a bedtime story.

I love those books, even now, but my absolute favourite childhood story has to be Shirley Hughes’ Alfie. Alfie is a little boy who has a little sister called Annie Rose and there are lots and lots of stories surrounding the pair. There’s a part in the book The Nursery Collection which we used to wait for and join in with. It says ‘whisper very quietly’ (and we used to whisper) and then ‘SHOUT OUT LOUD’ and we used to shout as loudly as we could, so Mum could hear that we weren’t asleep yet!

Owl Babies was another firm favourite, because there were three owl babies and three of us and my mum always used to change the names of the owl babies to ‘Ellen and William and James’ and I can still remember the exact tone of voice she used to tell the story!

With the Tiger Who Came to Tea, Owl Babies and We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, it was always the tension and the build-up which we loved. The fact that we knew exactly how they ended didn’t matter, these were firm favourites and we loved to hear them again and again … and again!

Mum and Dad tell us (now that we are all grown up) how we never wanted them to stop reading and always begged for more stories and how sometimes they were often so tired that when Dad was reading me a bedtime story, he’d fall asleep with me and Mum would have to come upstairs and wake him up!


Have you got a favourite childhood story? Do you still remember any of it? Why do you like it so much?


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kaniza 22 January, 2017 - 17:39

"Buruko Hura Nork Egin Zion" I used to love reading this book, which is about a mole who has a poo on his head. It is very interesting because the mole has to ask the other animals who did the poo. He starts looking at the other animals´ poo to discover who is guilty. I recommend this book because it´s very funny and you will laugh a lot with your family when you read it. Fantastic memories! My sister thought it was a bit disgusting!

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EllenBlogger 16 January, 2017 - 11:34

Hi Hadia,

Aunty Cat goes on a Pilgrimage! That sounds fascinating! Why do you like it so much? Isn't it great when your Mum reads you stories? Some of my favourite memories come from story books and I can still hear the way my Mum used to read the books to me and my brothers!

I can see that you are from Pakistan — it's interesting too that the book you mention discusses pilgrimages. Religion must be very important in your country, as you learn about it from a young age- At school, we used to hear a lot of the stories from the bible and even used to act in plays based around the Christmas and Easter stories.


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hadia 23 January, 2017 - 12:51

Hi Ellen.
Yep. Those stories are now sweet memories swaying peacefully in my mind.
And yeah, Religion is something that has a special place in the hearts of Muslims ,especially. Islam is a complete code of life that mentions all the aspects of life. So yeah, it's really important. And we really keep that along everywhere.
Thanks for the comment.

Hadia. ;)

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hadia 10 December, 2016 - 14:17

Wow. It's so sweet.
I remember some sweet childhood stories too. My mom used to tell me. I still remember clearly and those moments play in my mind like a film. My most favourite was"Khala Bili Hajj Ko Chali" Ha ha. (Aunty Cat goes for Pilgrimage)
In that, there's a cat who has done a lot of sins but now decides to go for a religious trip. She plasters a pious mask over her usual wicked face. It was funny how she actson the way to Pilgrimage. Different animals, birds and mostly mice come to her in the way, obviously surprised at her unusual appearance and ask her about the change.
The memories about those childhood stories still bring a smile and then bunch of laughters come out. Me and my sister still ask Mom to tell it again and again. It was really fun.

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