When was the last time you went to your local library?  Last week?  A month ago?  A year ago?


If you like books by Holly Black or Cassandra Clare, you'll love Sarah Rees Brennan. Or at least I do!


My name is Alice and I am a book addict.


I am a person who has always loved reading. For me, it is easy to get lost in a book and return to the world a couple of hours later having been on an adventure.


‘Half of me wants to hit you with something metal.’ She sounds serious. ‘So does the other half.’


I was a bit of a bookworm as a child.  For every car journey, day trip or family holiday, a stack of books was always packed to keep me busy.


I have just finished reading a really good book called Juliet written by the American author Anne Fortier.


I received several books for Christmas, which I was very happy about. I've only had time to read one so far, but I really enjoyed it! It's called A Song for Issy Bradley by Carys Bray.


If you enjoyed watching the Hunger Games movies, I would really suggest reading The Testing trilogy [The Testing, Independent Study and Graduation Day].


I am a self-confessed Harry Potter devotee. I've read the books multiple times and watched the films more times than I can count. Once, I even watched all eight films back-to-back.


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