Thanks to budget flights, people travel more now than ever before. Tourists often see all the sights and travellers try to experience culture.


I would like to share some tips and recommendations for reading your first foreign language novel. Reading in your target language is one of the best ways to familiarise yourself with a language an


During my summertime, in between University semesters, I often find that sitting down to read a good book is both relaxing and hugely educational.


I really do love to read. Escaping into another world in a work of fiction, or burying myself in news and 'general interest' articles has helped me to learn so much, and to enjoy myself greatly.


One of the joys of spending time in Paris is there is always something to do. You could spend a week exploring the city and only see a fraction of what it has to offer!


Sometimes when I have a bit of spare time, I go to a newsagent’s to buy a new magazine.


Three years ago I was completely against e-readers such as the Amazon Kindle because I loved showing off all the books I owned on a bookshelf and would even store them alphabetically, which gave me


Reading is a wonderful way to escape the real world, and a cheap way to forget about your troubles. Here in Colombia, though, it seems that very few people read for pleasure on a regular basis.


Recently I have been playing games with my conversation classes to liven things up a bit and to get the conversation flowing.


My challenge for you is this: to read a book for 15 minutes every single day for a month.


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