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How much should we believe what we see online?

This film follows David Kim, the father of Margot, a teenage girl who disappears after a study session. To help with the investigation, the father is asked to look into Margot’s personal life. The more he discovers, the more he realises he knew nothing about his daughter. David learns that she made strange money transfers and participated in online chat rooms, which leads to questions he cannot answer. In the film, we see how technology is crucial but also detrimental. While it helps David to uncover information, it poses a question: how much should we really believe? Information can be misleading. 

The film demonstrates how real life can be distorted through Margot’s Facebook account. She has a few hundred friends on Facebook but none in real life. It highlights how the internet can show a false representation of someone. Furthermore, the content of her messages is miscommunicated, something we can identify with if we’ve ever been the victim of a misunderstood message. Social media quickly turns ugly as an innocent hashtag to find Margot soon escalates to the public blaming the father: #thefatherdidit. With social media, everyone has a voice and ulterior motives, and even her classmates only pretend to care about her to use the publicity to promote themselves.

The film is recorded only via a computer screen rather than having the standard camera shots. This fairly new approach is refreshing. The father's computer changes over the years from Windows to a Macbook, and opening multiple tabs and using Facetime is very relatable. As a result we identify much more with the characters, feel more invested in them and empathise to a much greater extent. The filming is very cleverly done and we begin to forget that it’s all through a computer screen.

The film manages to capture the attention and hearts of the audience. It has a suspense-filled storyline and fresh perspective that mirrors technology in our own lives, making it of cultural and personal relevance. So, if you’re searching for a film to get lost in, this is the film for you.


Would you like to see the film? What films have you seen recently?


zarruk64's picture
zarruk64 1 February, 2019 - 18:43

I wuoldn't like to see this movie, because I trust in my friends and a friend told me "That movie is bad, I didn't like it" and I don't like drama movies.
Recently I had seen the movie Aquaman and I liked that movie, but it was too long.

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JimmyAlejis_Muji's picture
JimmyAlejis_Muji 1 February, 2019 - 18:39

I really would like to watch the movie, it looks very interesting, I want to know what happens to Margot.
Recently I had seen Pokemon Sun & Moon, Beyblade, Bakugan, Digimon and "solo".

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san36894's picture
san36894 1 February, 2019 - 18:21

I have already seen that movie and i think that the movie is very bad because it don't has many interesting things and has not a good plot in my opinion and the movie don't have many settings there were only a few of them and in my opinion the only interesting part was the end.
I recomend seeing the movie of aquaman that was a cience fiction incredible story that is about the prince of tha lost city of Atlantis were his brother whants to destroy the world but he stop him

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mariela's picture
mariela 24 October, 2018 - 23:10

Artificial intelligence is one of the best cience fiction films. released in 2001, it stars Halley Joel Osmet as David who is a robot-boy and Brendan Gleeson in the role of Lord Johnson-Johnson, the villian in this film.

The plot involves a flood produced by the global warming. The necessity of food produce that cybertronic's company make robots-children who can love to their adoptive families. can these families love them too?
The film is set in the location of United States. The soundtrack includes the music performed by John Williams who won an award. The acting is impressed and Jude Law won a golden globe for the best actor in the film because his performance is excellent.
I would highly recommend artificial intelligence, if you are a big fan of cience fiction films and the robots. I am pretty sure that you won't regreat of watch this film.

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