This week I went to see Doctor Strange in the cinema. At first I was not very excited because there have been so many Marvel superhero films over the last few years.


One day last September I was walking home from the supermarket when I passed Spiderman on the street.


Every Wednesday evening, I tutor two 14-year-old boys. Last week, the subject of reality television arose. They were surprised by my interest in the subject.


I sometimes find that watching a film adaptation of a book helps me to understand the plot of a book. This is especially true for books from a different period or with a difficult dialect.


We have all been there.

“Hey, have you watched The Walking Dead series?”
“No …”
“You need to watch it!”


It is the end of the school holidays where I am posted as a language assistant in France.


A three-time television award winner, and one of my all-time favourite shows on British TV, Gogglebox is a reality programme like no other. Imagine this ...


My New Year’s Resolution this year was to take up a new hobby.


The Oscar nominees for 2016 have been announced, but do we really care?


I have recently returned to work after two weeks off for the Christmas break.


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