Almost instantly after Christmas is over, the hype for sales begins. Ready, set, go? 


These days, it seems like everything is going digital. From news articles and recipes to yoga tutorials, you can find almost everything on the internet.


At this time of year, summer seems like a distant memory. July and August were filled with boiling hot days, and even September was lovely and sunny.


On average, we only regularly wear a third of the clothes that we own.


There's a current fashion trend for pinafores and dungaree dresses going on at the moment. Walking around the shops I've seen them everywhere in all sorts of styles and colours.


Some of my friends and I have just returned from a weekend in Paris.


So anyone who knows me knows that I don’t particularly follow fashion trends. I’m perfectly content in jeans and an old hoodie, paired with a pair of classic Converse.


During the summer holidays when I was getting ready to move to France, I was very excited as it meant that I had the opportunity to buy some new clothes and change my fashion a bit.


More often than not we wander into a shop, have a browse, find something we like and buy it - all without a second thought to the environmental implications of our purchase.


The production of garments using real fur has always been a controversial issue. Recently, real fur has returned to the catwalks and collections of many fashion houses.


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