Buying clothes second-hand comes with lots of benefits, but also some downsides. However, among the student population of Britain, it is one of the most popular ways of staying stylish.


Having spent the last few years of my life in a renowned student city, I have constantly been surrounded by alternative styles and fashions.


Ten years ago, the term ‘blogger’ would only have been known by the select few. Nowadays, however, it is considered a full-time job in many cases.


You’ve surely heard of Converse shoes, the American brand of basketball trainers. I have fallen in love with their Italian equivalent, a kind of trainer called Superga.


Recently in the United Kingdom a new fad has been growing ever more popular – ‘the Wellington boot’. We also use the names ‘welly boot’ and ‘wellies’ for short.


After the holiday period the beginning of the New Year can seem to get off to a slow and somewhat lethargic start.


Nail art has become an international phenomenon and many are using their fingernails as a canvas to display creativity and personality.


Like many girls, I absolutely love clothes shopping! But, as a student, I don’t have a lot of money to keep up with the latest fashion trends. 


What do you wear?


Goodbye summer! Move over floaty kimonos and sheer cardigans and say hello to this season's offerings of snuggly yet stylish winter coats.


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