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New friends and new experiences

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I have just returned from a weekend away with my friends and on the journey back home I took some time to reflect back on the past couple of months since I arrived in France in September. When I first arrived in France I was nervous of what was ahead of me and did not know what to expect … Well, it has definitely been a roller coaster and I have loved being here so far. Of course moving to a new country and leaving family and friends is very difficult but it is also very exciting.

I thought I would share with you just a few things that I love about living in France and the new experiences I have encountered. Here we go …

1: I have made some great new friends who are from all over the world. I never thought I would have friends from America, Canada, South Africa and Spain.

2: I have learnt a lot more about French culture and discovered some beautiful places in France. My favourite place so far has been a town called Ville-franche near Lyon; it is a beautiful town in the valleys of the Rhone region with winding streets. When we visited there was a wine festival and half marathon so there was a great atmosphere.

3: French pastries, they are delicious morning, noon and night.

4: Bike rides along the canal in St Amand where I live.

5: The sunrise when I walk to school early in the morning.

6: Improving my French and meeting French people. Everyone is very kind and welcoming here.

7: I love seeing the enthusiasm of my pupils when they learn something new in English and when they are excited about my culture.

These are just a few thoughts - I could write a very long list. By taking the time to reflect I have realized that by learning a new language you gain so many possibilities, whether it be reading a book in another language, ordering a drink in another language or being lucky enough to work or study abroad like me. We are always learning and developing as individuals.

I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to come and work in France. Whilst I am writing this post I have a smile on my face and a cup of tea in hand (home comforts are always good). What makes you smile?


What makes you smile? 


Lightning's picture
Lightning 9 April, 2016 - 05:35

Special people, some crazy videos, memorable movies, the delicious foods made by my mom, the best friends, having good grade, making new friends, reading very fantastic novels/books, trying new crazy experiences, having fun just by myself, fantasizing about everything I like to do ^^

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angelcat 23 March, 2016 - 11:34

Going overseas trips always made me smile.Singapore is very small,but we usually we went out and discover the new world.

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natz 23 March, 2016 - 09:27

weekend always makes me smile, u can do anything u want like watch movie, read novel or listen to music maybe or maybe u can waste your time in mall hahahhaha

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cklj 17 March, 2016 - 15:23

Sunny mornings make me smile, seeing the people around me happy, passing an exam with an A, reading summaries about good books I'm planning to read, knowing that I'm having good breakfast, buying a new pair of jeans, new skirt or whatever and having the opportunity to experience every day in a new way.
Writing this, I realized how thankful I am for being alive.

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Lavender 20 March, 2016 - 02:39

I love your comment. It makes me love my life too. Btw today is Sunday in my country, happy weekend ^^

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Ran's picture
Ran 21 March, 2016 - 12:27

hi gianggiang! yeah, you're so fun :D. I'm sure that you're s person who always smile and it's not difficult for you to find the happiness tn the life( I hope that) :D

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gianggiang's picture
gianggiang 22 March, 2016 - 09:07

Hi Ran ( I guess you are Conan detective comic book's fan and you may be TF boys boyband's fan ) ( because of your user name and your avatar.)
Yes, it's not difficult for me to smile but it is also very easy for me to feel sad. I'm a little cautious, sensitive. A small rain can wet my happiness, but a wind can blow my sadness.
Best wishes

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Ran's picture
Ran 24 March, 2016 - 13:46

hi giang,( you are right to say that I am a Conan detective comic book's fan but I am not TF boys 'fan :D. I'm happy to hear that, you're so smart )
You're the same to me. It is easy for me to feel sad such as my mistakes or something which make me to remember my grandad. But I don't want to let anyone know about them. I always smile a lot . I don't like when my friends see I'm sad or crying. That not only doesn't make me feel better but also let my friends down. I prefer smiling to doing like that :D
At last, you're vietnamese, aren't you ?
All the best

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gianggiang's picture
gianggiang 2 April, 2016 - 14:20

hi Ran,
I would like to say " This world is so round and small: :D:D:D:D:D:D. Yeah, you are right, both of us are Vietnamese students.
All the best !

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