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Nine things I miss about Britain

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I’ve been living abroad for two months now. Even though I’m having a good time, I miss lots of things about Britain. Here are my top nine:

1. Loved ones
Although I’m used to living away from home, being in another country makes them all seem a lot further away!

2. The British sense of humour
Brits are known for having a great sense of humour and I miss being around people with the same sense of humour as me.

3. English-language TV
There is only so much 'CSI: New York' dubbed over in Spanish that I can watch!

4. Cakes
There is nothing better than a slice of Victoria sponge and a cup of tea!

5. Sunday roast
Every British person claims their mum/ dad/ nan cooks the best roast dinner. It’s a very important part of being British.

6. Cheddar cheese
I cannot seem to find nice Cheddar cheese in any supermarket!

7. Shop opening times
In England, almost all shops are open from 9am til 5pm, with some being open up to a few hours longer. In Spain, they are closed for a few hours at lunchtime and I still can’t get used to it.

8. London transport
At the moment I live in a town where there is little public transport. I miss being able to catch a tube or a bus at all times of the day.

9. Greggs Bakery
I’m dying for a sausage roll ...


What would you miss most if you left your country?


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Sergelen 27 May, 2017 - 05:43

If I leave my country I would miss my friends and girlfriend because those people are most important section of my whole life. However If we have time and money we should travel all around a world...

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chadew_SBV's picture
chadew_SBV 10 December, 2016 - 14:42

The main thing I would miss most if I left my country is my parents and loving siblings...
Because I can't think of anything without them..Also my friends will be missed and I'll be feeling alone..

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