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A pocketful of peace

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China is known for it’s dense population and overcrowded cities, tall buildings and busy streets, but amidst all the chaos of an ever-moving people, pockets of tranquillity can be found in it’s many parks scattered around the city. Loud traffic, dusty streets and bustling crowds can often make a city feel choked and unbearable, and China’s population is so high that is difficult to avoid feeling the claustrophobia of living here at times. But China also provides its people with a beautiful solution to this problem. Around the city, there are always many parks to be found, varying from little grass areas with benches, to large parks complete with lakes and gardens. Framed by an array of blossoming trees, the parks are sheltered from the sounds of the traffic outside. Instead the sounds of birds and rippling water provide a much welcome alternative to the bothersome street noises.

From early in the morning until late in the evening, you will always see people out enjoying a walk around the park. Out on the lake you can see fathers huffing and puffing as they paddle small boats around with their wives desperately trying to stop their children from suddenly jumping in for a swim. On the pathway, new mothers smile and chat as they push their prams around with their small babies sleeping inside. Happy children cycle past excitedly on their bikes while relaxed men can be seen sitting on the banks of the lake with their fishing rods, patiently waiting to catch a fish. Photographers snap away, taking pictures of the flowers and the trees, and you can always find a person or two out practising their tai chi.

Although these parks are often situated right in the centre of the city, the open space and greenery of them really makes you feel like you somewhere far away. Everyone seems so at ease in the park; a change from the usual, busy, hard-working appearance of most. Whether it’s a quick walk in the park while on their way to work, or a game of badminton while taking a much needed break, these beautifully, scenic, inner city parks are the perfect way to relax in China.


How do you relax in the city?


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MALINE 12 April, 2014 - 18:28

Luckily there is a park near downtown and there are fountains,too.You can sit on the grass or in a bench and see the people walking while you are relaxing.

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justcricketforme 30 March, 2014 - 03:05

To relax in the city I live, Islamabad, the captail, I go to our hiking track no. 5 and sit by the streams there. It's refreshing and relaxing!

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Niluh 25 March, 2014 - 14:56

My country is also known for it's dense population, it's one of the most populous country in the world. The difference between my country and China is when China has many parks and my country especially city where i live in doesn't, park is rarely, people tends to go to another cities to relax for a while or they often go shopping at the mall.

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