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Three places that I call home

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I have just finished my year abroad; I spent it in a quaint town called Colmar, in eastern France. I usually study in Leeds, the UK's third largest city - though it doesn't actually feel that big! I was brought up in a city called Chester and, until going to university, had lived there all my life.

Colmar has been my home for the last seven months. It is a beautiful town in Alsace - a French region which, over the last century, has been both French and German territory. The region has a very interesting history and a strong sense of identity. Alsatians (this is the word for people who come from Alsace, but it is also the name of a breed of dog!) are very friendly people. Whilst I lived in Colmar, I worked as a language assistant in a secondary school. I taught English to several classes and over the year I grew quite attached to my students: I enjoyed making lessons that they would enjoy and games that would make them laugh. Telling each class that it was my last lesson with them was odd; it is likely I will never see most of these students again. I almost cried on my last day; I didn't want to leave this beautiful town, nor my lovely colleagues and students, behind.

Leeds is the city where I attend university. I have made several really good friends there (including my boyfriend) and it was hard knowing I wouldn't be there this year. Last year, I shared a house with six other people - it was such good fun and I have some incredible memories of our time together. When I left Leeds in June last year, it was odd to think that I won't return until this September. In just two short years, Leeds became my home: I knew where to go for which things, the good places for a day out, the nice places to eat and who I could turn to for help. It was difficult to leave that support network behind.

Last but not least: Chester. I am lucky to have a great group of friends from secondary school; we still meet up when we're back in Chester and it's always nice to catch up. I've been friends with one girl since nursery - that's a friendship which has lasted for around sixteen years! Being in Chester means spending time with my family - my mother, father, sister and pet gerbil, Fred. Chester is also home to one of my favourite places: Chester Zoo. It's the UK's number one zoo and I still love to visit it. 

Now, I'm feeling rather confused. I no longer know which place to call home. This is a strange feeling and also one which makes me feel both happy and sad. On the one hand, it's nice to have several places where I feel at home, with people that are good friends. On the other hand, when I'm in one place I miss the other two - which can make me feel quite sad. 


How many places do you call 'home'? 


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gianggiang 31 October, 2015 - 08:37

There are three places I call home. The first is my real home. ( Of course),the second is my school. In Vietnam, people often say that schools are our second home. We spend more time staying at school and talking to our friends and teachers than at home and our parents.The last place I call home is my country. It 's where I was born and cried at the first time. Our country is a great mother. She has brought up a lot of people. I feel very pathetic when I hear the national anthem of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam sung in a sport competitions or in a foreign country.
I have a funny story which relates to my" second home". It is a memorable experience in my life.
......Once, in a Literature class, I called my teacher " Mum". My class laughed at me and I feel very embarrassed. I wished I could dig a hole and stay there until the class finished. My teacher also smiled and she said:
- Don't be worried and shy. There is a fact that schools is your second home and we - your teachers are your second parents. All of you are our children and it is our responsibility to teach and bring you up.
The classroom became silent.
-Ok, do you have any ideas else ? You shouldn't make noise in class. We continue our lessons.
Suddenly, a classmate of mine raised his hand and stood up.
- Teacher, as you've said and we agree that school is our second home, but why we can sleep like logs and eat big meals at home whereas we can't take a nap and eat just a little snack at school. It's unfair!
Once again, we - including I, laughed happily and so did my teacher.

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Elsa007 1 November, 2015 - 02:05

Hi Giang!
Your story always catches my interest! And your "Mum" sounds a nice person as a teacher!
For me, there may be only two places if I call home….
One is the space and time I was born and have grown up in the family. Because the basic part of myself was established there and I feel I belong to the place and the days in my childhood.
The other home would be, like you, my school. Unlike my friends' moms, as my mom is very strict in discipline, I prefer spending a lot of time at school with my friends to being at house, besides, teachers are kind to us……., as long as we follow the school rules...!! :P

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mss 2 May, 2015 - 12:17

My home is my country < OMAN > ..

My country is the place which is embraces our identity, our history!
Here is my successes and achievements.
Here is my happy memories with my family & friends.

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Silvermist 30 April, 2015 - 07:59

I haven't traveled a lot either. I call the place I live with my family, my home. And my school is also another home to me, with a another kind of family.

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hadia 28 April, 2015 - 09:04

Umm! well I have not travelled and lived away from my home much so my Home is my real home that is my house where my family lives............But our new house!!!! Yes i also call it as home , it is under construction but it's our home ( not yet fully made) but base is completed . Well I'am waiting for the time when I 'll live there. I'd love to!

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