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The University of Glasgow - studying at 'Hogwarts'

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The University of Glasgow has to be one of my favourite places of all time. As I study languages I get quite a lot of opportunities to discover new and exciting things and to travel to different countries. People say to me “In the future you could live in Paris, or Madrid or somewhere where the sun shines and the cuisine is exquisite!” However, I always reply, “no, I want to live in Glasgow.” They think it is a bit of a strange choice as they can’t understand why I would choose the wind and ran over beaches and red hot sun!

For me, Glasgow is such a magical city. If you walk through it at night, you’ll know why. The large Victorian buildings surround you and draw you in, the lights shining above them. The friendly people greeting you as you walk past and the huge variety of things to do. One of the main and most beautiful buildings is the University of Glasgow. The main building is a big, castle-like building. It looks very like Hogwarts!! It has many great halls, spiral stair cases and even contains its own museum! This week the university celebrated its 563rd birthday, making it the 4th oldest university in the English-speaking world. That is pretty old! It was created in 1451 at the request of King James II and founded by the Pope at the time, Pope Nicholas V.

It is found in the West end of Glasgow which is quite a luxurious and beautiful area with many second-hand shops, bars, cafes and not forgetting the botanical gardens. It is highly populated with students so it almost feels like you are in a little world of people below the age of 25. Some would describe is as “hipster” and it is very popular with people who are interested in art, architecture, music and cultural events. It has special cobbled streets and there is always a new area to discover. As a place to study, or just for a holiday, Glasgow is definitely at the top of my list of places to go!!


Would you like to visit Glasgow? What's your favourite city? 


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hadia 28 September, 2015 - 15:48

Wow! Amazingly superb it is, for a university to have it's own museum! Hm....I'd just love to visit it! And the thing , BronyaD mentioned that it seems very much like Hogwarts!! And it's very much older as well! This makes me more excited!......................Well, my favourite city is the one in which I live that is Sialkot. I have special type of attachment with this city. I love living here as it's my birth place as well! Whenever I visit some other city , I enjoy but the peace of mind I receive after coming back to Sialkot, is great! So, it's my favourite city! :)))))

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justcricketforme 23 January, 2014 - 11:19

Yes I would. I like Glasgow and Scotland. My favourite city is Notts (Nottingham) and I also like London.

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ellen 19 January, 2014 - 14:40

Yes, Of course, I would.
I would study here , Harvard univercity and Oxford.
My favorite cities are Mekke, Medine Baku, New york, London , Istanbul. and s.on.
Respectable Jo, How many stages of education at the University of oxsford?
Is there any form of correspondence education in this university?
Thanks in advance.

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uglyduckling 19 January, 2014 - 12:41

Yes, I would. I'd like to visit and maybe after graduation I would study here, but it's only idea :) My favourite city...I don't know I like nature and it isn't in city :D, maybe some park :D

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Natalija 17 January, 2014 - 13:43

Yes, I would. My favourite city is Belgrade, the city I live in. I also like Prague, London, Istanbul etc.

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Niluh 17 January, 2014 - 03:51

Yes, i'd like to visit Glasgow, i wish i were in Glasgow someday. I have lots of favourite cities, in the future i am dreaming to travel around the world visiting London, Paris, Madrid, Berlin and many more. Jakarta is also my favourite, the city where i live in.

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