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Why I love volunteering

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Over the last few years, I have discovered that one of my favourite things to do in my free time is to volunteer. I have volunteered for a variety of different organisations and carried out a variety of different roles. These have included simple, everyday activities like taking dogs for walks at an animal rescue centre and running activities for children at an after-school club. But I have also volunteered for some more professional roles, like translating and managing a charity event.

However, no matter what kind of volunteering, I have always loved it and I would encourage others to give it a go. Here are my top four reasons why I think volunteering is so worthwhile.

1. It’s an opportunity to gain experience and skills.

By volunteering, you are carrying out a job – even though you’re not being paid – so you can gain valuable experience and skills which are likely to be useful in the future. For example, many volunteering roles will help you to gain experience in working as a team.

2. You can meet new people.

One of the best things about volunteering is meeting the other volunteers! They are likely to be very interesting and inspiring people and might just turn out to be great friends too.

3. It’s a way to gain confidence.

Many people who do voluntary work say that it has helped them to feel more confident in all sorts of ways. For example, I have always been quite a shy person, but my volunteering experience has helped me to gain confidence in talking to strangers and even in front of a crowd!

4. You can have lots of fun!

Doing an activity that you wouldn’t normally do, with like-minded people, should mean that you have a really fun time. You will also feel good knowing that you are doing something for a good cause.

These are just a few of the many reasons why I suggest that you look for volunteering opportunities in your local town or city. There are many different things that you can get involved with, and remember that any type of volunteering is good volunteering. If you like, you can start with something small and who knows what it will lead to! The most important thing to remember is that as well as helping others, you can get a great deal out of it too!


Have you ever volunteered? What kind of voluntary work would you like to do?


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SLMT 17 June, 2017 - 07:26

I have volunteered in the previous years .I taught at a small school located in rual areas .That place is too far away to go .Most of the teachers don't want to go to that rual areas.Childern from that area are too poor enoung to go to city to attend school.Some of their parents only want their children work,not learn .So our volunteer group made a night school to teach children who have to work at day time.We helped them by teaching.I got alot of experience from that.I got to know how to work with others.Just like writer,I was so shy to talk in front of alot of people and I have lack in working with group.These were my weak points . But volunteeing help me to get confidence and can pass that problems.U can not only help others,but also u can upgrade yourself.

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catastrophe 17 June, 2017 - 10:48

Wow, SLMT! You sound so cool! You really did teach children? Whoa, that's a great initiative. Despite being young, you were able to teach several children. That really is a great achievement. Kudos, the next Randy Pausch!!! :)))

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DCComicsDiva 5 June, 2017 - 02:59

I love to volunteer and be a real life superhero! I actually collected bottle caps to help children with cancer once

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Sergelen 7 May, 2017 - 12:05

I like to participate some volunteered events. I usually attend personal development meeting that is organized by volunteered people. We meet every sun day morning !

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