New Year's Eve is a different time for everybody all around the world.


A very traditional thing that accompanies a typical English Christmas dinner is the Christmas cracker. So what exactly is a Christmas cracker? Something you crack at Christmas, literally!


Christmas is a popular holiday in both Italy, where I live now, and the United Kingdom, where I am from. However, this doesn’t mean that people celebrate it in exactly the same way.


Currently it does not feel like Christmas is two weeks away because the sun is shining. Normally around this time of year, one is used to getting snuggled up and cosying up in front of the fire.


According to my Instagram, I have now been in Spain for 81 days.


I’ve been living abroad for two months now. Even though I’m having a good time, I miss lots of things about Britain. Here are my top nine:


Some people choose to live in a flat share or community. Others can't imagine leaving their perfect flats to live with lots of other people. Why would you ever do such a thing?!


Sometimes a flying visit from a loved one is all you need to realise how settled you are in a place.


If you ever visit an English village, make sure to look out for morris dancing.


In my bag I always carry the same essential items: my keys; my purse; some loose change; my mobile phone and my little blue vocabulary notebook.


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