The problem with Justin Bieber

The problem with Justin Bieber


A few weeks ago, I was sitting in Departures at Orly Airport in Paris with nothing much to do. The people next to me, a man and woman around the age of 30, were having what seemed like a very interesting conversation. I say ‘seemed’ like because they were speaking in Dutch, and I couldn’t understand a word of it. Nonetheless, the tones of their voices and their body language made me want to know what they were talking about. I sat there trying to guess the topic, or catch one or two familiar words. Were they talking about a film they’d seen? Or their trip to Paris? Or the Easyjet colour scheme? And then I heard two words loud and clear, two words which are the same in every language: Justin Bieber. What a let-down! Why is Justin Bieber everywhere?

A quick bit of research reveals some frightening facts about the young popstar. Listing all of his achievements right now would take up too much time and space – suffice to say that Bieber started out as a young boy posting videos of himself singing on Youtube, and he now has over 20 million followers on Twitter. If Wikipedia can be believed, he is also considered the 3rd most powerful celebrity in the world. This is hopefully an exaggeration, but no one can argue with the fact that his name pops up everywhere. And as yet I haven’t found anyone who can explain to me why this has happened.

A lot of people explain Bieber’s popularity by saying ‘it’s just young girls.’ My first response to that would be: where did he find 20 million young girls? And my second response would be – if it really is just this one group of people that forms his fan base: what has happened to the young girls of planet earth?! Has somebody brainwashed them all? Please can we go and rescue them.

When I was a teenager (in the not-so-distant past), I’m pretty sure girls had better taste. We used to watch The OC for Seth Cohen, not for Ryan. We liked Seth because he was the ‘less-obviously-good-looking-one’, because he was funny, quirky, and generally a little bit weird. When it came to music, we started out with bands like The Streets. I remember going to see them play when I was about 14 or 15 and thinking they were fantastic. And if you google Mike Skinner from The Streets, you’ll see he wasn’t famous because he looked like Justin Bieber. He was, and is, famous because he had some really interesting things to say. He certainly said more than ‘baby, baby, baby.’ I followed lots of musicians as a youngish teenager – Oasis, Razorlight, even a bit of Eminem. Admittedly there was the odd Westlife song I liked, too, but nothing like Bieber. My friends and I were into music that was interesting, musicians who could play instruments and who were cool!

And there it is, the biggest problem of all: Justin Bieber is not cool. I have watched as much as I could bear to on Youtube, and all I saw was a frighteningly young looking boy singing unimaginative songs about not very much. Why does he look so plastic? Where is his personality?

Justin Bieber has been watching me type this. I have a copy of Mizz magazine (a British magazine for young teenage girls which I use for teaching) on my desk. Bieber’s big, shiny face is looking at me from the back cover.  He’s trying to sell me his latest perfume. It’s called ‘Someday.’ Someday, Justin Bieber, I hope you’ll go away.

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What do you think of Justin Bieber?
Do you know what the secret to his success is?


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hello goodgirl.
How are you?
I hope that you are ok.
I am free happy because that you are from algeria.
I love algeria very much and i hope thate i can travel for study in it.

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I don't like Justin Bieber. Nor do i care about his music. I tend to distance myself from the music of today's 'mainstream' pop artists. However, that is very hard because there are billions of crazed fans that know every single quote and song by a certain artist, and think that every other person in the world should know them too. There are a few bands that i listen to and that is it. I mean, i know almost every song but I keep quiet about it, because i KNOW there are people who are annoyed (Considering the fact that I am one of them too) , and really, I do not want to bore them. I pick who I listen to and keep it to myself. (Unless someone asks me to tell them.)

The secret of his fame? I think that he is just another pretty boy who gained a lot of money and now is just a puppet to his record label company. And if you did not notice, most teenage girls today like mediocre voices and ''men'' who still act like adolescent boys. (The guy is around 20. I think.) End rant.

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i think justin bieber is a very averrated and comercial artist, which leads him to fame, to me personally i obssolety not like you music, it because i do not like hes musicand the genere least, i feel that all the fame that he has a risen to he think what he is superior to the other artist

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I think that's justin bieber sings good and eh dance very good, he has many songs some songs are awesome and some songs are good, I like the song baby that's song are the best that I hear from him I like so much that song and that is all

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He is just... a weird girl with a weird voice (I'm sorry, Fans, but you should have a better taste...). I don't know why is he succesful, but try to analyse his appearance, his doings and his behaviour.. I hope you change your mind one day

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I don`t adore him and I don`t hate him. Some of my friends are crazy for Justin Bieber but others hate him. I think the secret to his succees is more his beauty than his voice because most of his fans are girls.

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I think, justin biber very very beatiful boy in amerika ,because I love justin bieber very very much. and justin bieber interest for me...

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I am from AZERBAIJAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like the song his BOYYYYYYY. Justin is one of the most exciting singers. There are a lot of CUSTININ fan. Love him to Azerbaijan.

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I don't like Justin Bieber, his songs are boring and he doesn't know how to behave. I don't like 1D too, I mean, they look like good guys, but their music is too comercial it's maked just to be liked by teenage girls.

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HEY GUYS !!!!!!! if u keep goin' like this we may reach 300 comments.......
That would be...................OMG...............just amaizing.......................
HOPE WE KEEP DOIN'......... ;) :p

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hello ellen
sorry i didn't answer you before but i'm just busy
i don't know what i wanna be in the future yet
i wanna read somewhere out of Albania
some good jobs are not those jobs that are safe but....................................
those jobs that make you feel good with it and that make you feel proud of it...:) not those jobs that your parents want you to do......
almost the same thing happens in my school
my hobbies are photography and makin' music
in my free time i listen t music but most of it i see movies...
i like every english song from rap,r&b,pop,hip hop and everything and they are so beatiful........
my favourite movies are Friday with Ice Cube and Chris Tucker,BAd Boys,MIB,Horror movies i love,i like even drama movies they make you cry and i it
WHAT ABOUT YOU???/????????????............PLEASE ANSWER and sorry about the late........

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I don't like Justin Bieber. But Its not that I hate 1D or like them. I just don't have any opinion on them like the way I do with justin bieber. I am glad that less people like Justin Bieber. 1D is taking over!

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I love 1D but Justin Bieber, I hate that guy! I don't know why every girl is mad for Justin Bieber. 1D are way much better than Justin Bieber. I like his songs but I simply love 1D's. 1D is very much better than Justin Beiber.

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I do not love One Direction and Justin Bieber.At firs their text for songs are simple and they are always the same.I love RHCP and Linkin Park,this is ART!

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Hello Pitaloka.
How are you?
I agree with your comments, because, I am 1D fan.
How old are you?
What is your hobby?
What profession do you want to have in the future?
Where are you trying to read? Maybe can you give me advice what in your opinion is good jobs? I would like to hear your opinion....

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Hello ellen.
I'm fine, thank you for asking. And you?
Nice too meet you, ellen (as Directioners fellow) :))
I'm 16 years old. And you?
My hobby is reading novels and listening music
I'd like to be a notaris or vice consul
I always read in internet, because I think the internet is the most complete book ever. Am I right?
I'm not a good advice giver, ellen. but I think the job should be done not by feeling forced, so better find out what you like, elaborated and studied. You must have a dream when you're a little girl, don't you ellen?
Just one word ellen; passion :)
I hope you'll find your future, ellen :)

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Hello Pitaloka.
I am fine, too.
I am 15 years old.
My hobby are drawing picture and I collect interesting information into on the internet.
Yes, I agree with your comment.
Because, internet is the most complete.
My dream is enter to The univercity.
And What is best dream?

How many hours a week you can pass the English language?
Have you got sister and brother? Which you singers like?
You are dark hair or blonde hair ?
You are tall, or undersized?
Have you got some animal?
Please answer.......................................................................... -
What about your country?
please tell me my new friend...............


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Enter to the university is my dream too. Where you going to college?
I love singing, and I love to sing a song with an English lyrics. So it seems like 24/7 days a week I passed the English language.
I just have one brother. how about you ellen?
Most Indonesian people are black hair, so do I :)). and what colour of your hair?
My height is about 158 cm. Like most Asian people, you know :)
Yes, I've a dog. and you ellen? do you have an animal?
The capital city of Indonesia is Jakarta, and Indonesia has many different cultures because many tribes scattered in many Indonesia islands. I live in East Borneo, the capital city is Samarinda. This city is small, but I am happy to stay here. Have you ever been to Indonesia ellen? If ever, which city do you visit?
And tell me about your country ellen. I like to know :)
You're welcome my dear friend :))))

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